Sanchez Endorses Krom for DPOC Chair

Rep. Loretta Sanchez
Rep. Loretta Sanchez

Irvine, CA – Orange County’s preeminent Democratic trailblazer, Latina leader and former Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez announced today she is endorsing former Irvine Mayor Beth Krom for Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC).

Krom, who served sixteen years on the Irvine City Council, including four years as Irvine’s directly elected Mayor, has endorsed Sanchez, a former ten-term Congresswoman and candidate for United States Senate, in her race for a vacant seat for the Orange County Board of Supervisors 3rd District. Current Chair Fran Sdao will be stepping down at the end of her regular term in January.

Councilmember Beth Krom welcomes Pelosi.

Sanchez released the following statement:

“Orange County Democrats came together this past midterm election to elect a historic number of Democrats to office. The Democratic Party is ready to continue its efforts to see more leaders elected. Our Party is blessed to have so many talented members run for leadership positions. I whole-heartedly endorse Mayor Beth Krom for the Chair of the OC Democratic Party. Beth and I have worked together for many years and she walked the walk and was one of the first women and Democrats to run and win. Her impressive track record proves undeniable talent to flip seats and preserve hard-fought victories.

Beth can inspire, motivate, and think strategically to unite all of Orange County and support all Democratic campaigns. I support Beth’s vision to open up the Democratic Party, bring people together, multiply fundraising, and fight hard for candidates. Beth will be a great leader at the helm or our Party.”

Beth Krom is a well respected Democratic leader in Orange County. Krom has been a leading voice on issues impacting local communities. She is the recipient of the Harry S. Truman Award and Lifetime Achievement Award from the DPOC and has been honored by numerous advocacy organizations including the Orange County Labor Federation and the Sierra Club.