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The Phil Baccera I Know

Phil Baccera

Santa Ana City Council candidate Phil Baccera is in the press this week as a former girlfriend of his has come forward with charges of physical, emotional and mental abuse over the course of their four-year relationship. And with the timing of Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings for the Supreme Court and the #BelieveSurvivors and #MeToo movement afloat, these charges warrant a closer examination.

The rumors have actually been out there for a few weeks now and it’s been interesting to watch the story change from “he beat her up” to “it’s only nasty texts between two people breaking up” back to “he was physically abusive.”

When I first caught wind of this story, I called Phil and asked about it. He denied ever treating any woman in the manner described on social media posts.  I’ve known Phil for more than ten years and what I can say about him is that he’s a terrible liar.  I take him at his word.

I also remember when Phil dated Griselda Govea; they would come to the “Drinking Liberally” events we sponsored at Memphis in Santa Ana. She was nice, didn’t much care for political discussion and hung out with her friends while we talked shop.  She was quite friendly and she was always welcomed by the group.  I always thought they were a bit of an odd fit.  Griselda, a second woman who’s name I cannot recall whom Phil dated after he and Griselda broke up, and Phil’s wife Wendy shared something in common – I’d bet money on each of them in a fist fight with Phil.  They were not shrinking violets and over the course of ten years, when I have seen Phil around women including girlfriends, he never exhibited any behavior that was the slightest bit disrespectful or violent towards anyone.  At our DL events, he never had more than one drink – ever.

Phil’s been married for two years now after re-connecting with his wife. The pair had been circling each other for years until their paths crossed once again and both were single.  Wendy, Phil’s wife, is a strong woman who values honesty, commitment and integrity.  If Phil ever did any of the things Griselda has accused him of to Wendy, she simply would not tolerate it and would put him in his place (and on his ass).  She’s known him a long time and would never marry someone with a past that included abuse.  So it’s not just Phil’s word, it’s Wendy’s too.

Here’s part of his statement on the matter:

“The accusations that have been made about me and my conduct are totally and completely false. It has been suggested that there are glaring examples of these claims in emails between us. Although I consider the emails about my past relationship to be deeply personal and somewhat embarrassing to share, I want to act in the spirit of transparency. As such, I am willing to share these emails in person. I am not proud of some of the things that I said in these emails, but sharing these emails is the best way to demonstrate that our past relationship has been completely mischaracterized and that the claims are simply not true.”

That all said, I’m prepared to change my mind on Phil’s claim of innocence here if actual evidence appears suggesting otherwise.

The most compelling claim that Griselda made in her social media statement is that this physical and emotional abuse happened in front of witnesses. “There were outside witnesses to this abuse. Caring neighbors and friends, who heard the abuse or witnessed me in a disheveled state, regularly checked up on me concerned, as they were, with my welfare. I have emails and texts from these witnesses. You need not take my word alone concerning these matters. There are individuals who are willing to confirm the above facts.”

If the witnesses are known, they should speak up and describe what they saw. If she has emails and texts, let’s see them.  The same goes for him.  its what we wanted from the Brett Kavanaugh FBI investigation this past week but did not get.

There’s some speculation that Griselda got help crafting her well-written statement from those who want Phil’s candidacy derailed all while admitting she lacked strong English language skills…no shame in that.

I recall seeing Griselda after she and Phil broke up at a fundraiser at Memphis for John Hanna (she wasn’t part of the party but was with other restaurant customers). I asked how she was and she told me she was fine.  There appeared to be no remorse from the break up and she asked me if I thought Phil would attend and I told her I wasn’t sure.  There wasn’t a hint of any anger or any clue of alleged mistreatment.  I remember asking if she’s be ok if he did appear and she nodded yes.  It really wasn’t a big deal.

What I find dreadful is that so many people calling for Phil’s head were quiet as a church mouse when charges against labor leader Julio Perez surfaced. And it’s entirely possible that Griselda is being put up to this by the Pro-Julio crowd in Santa Ana.

Phil was replaced as a longtime planning commissioner earlier this year by Roman Renya, his opponent in Ward 4 who is on the ballot in spite of not having a registered address in the Ward the minimum number of days prior to filing and has no experience in planning. Councilmember David Benevides made the change after Phil looked into the paperwork the business filed with the city; Benevides also sought to honor the new restaurant in which Julio Perez has an interest in and presence in – sometimes behind the bar.

Julio Perez

Perez was fired by a unanimous vote as head of the OC Labor Fed after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment and/or sexual abuse. He wiped his tablet and laptop to factory settings to “erase” evidence or perhaps his browser history.  And more details have emerged about the investigation via conversations; when you hear about what he did, it would turn your stomach.  What should make you angry are the number of “progressives” and FOJ (Friends of Julio) who have yet to comment on his behavior or actions with any sort of condemnation.

Our “friends” at the OrangeJuiceBlog are playing up the Baccera story in a classic case of rank hyprocisy. Vern Nelson, who has been credibly accused of sexually assaulting Anaheim’s Lorri Galloway, writes: Phil has had a very serious-sounding #metoo allegation launched against him by his former 4-year girlfriend Griselda Govea, and this will certainly be the only OC blog to print it.  Why do I say that?  Because Phil and Dan Chmielewski of the ironically-dubbed “Liberal OC” have been very close friends forever, and Dan doesn’t have many friends. 

Well, I do have quite a few friends pendejo, but that’s only the second wrong thing you wrote in your statement.

Nelson, of course, denied Galloway’s allegations challenging her on a number of talking points knowing she has confidentiality clauses that prohibit her offering more detail. If you accuse Vern of anything, he’s fast to threaten a defamation lawsuit.  And as a defense of his publisher, Greg Diamond left a comment on this blog claiming Vern had exhibited “lecherous behavior” which doesn’t make Nelson a champion of the #MeToo movement.

And speaking of Diamond, his defense of Julio Perez and redefinition of what is “porn” remains unaddressed. He left this comment on the Bacerra story:

I get skeeved out whenever I hear a man accused of abuse saying “I have never raised my hand to a woman.” I keep picturing them elbowing them in the face, kicking them in the butt, and sitting on their chest while screaming at them.My suggestion to hose (sic) accused of physical violence: find a phrase that doesn’t sound like you feel clever for having figured out a way to tell what is technically a literal truth while hiding what is unquestionably an assault.

I asked Donna Acevedo-Nelson once how she got that black eye in the fall of 2014, fearing that her then-boyfriend now husband gave it to her; she said “Nunya.”

“Nunya?” I replied.

“Nunya business,” she answered. I’ve heard neighbors on Anna Drive know exactly what happened.  I asked Vern once and he threatened to sue me.

Ricardo Toro also chimed in with some posts supporting Julio Perez and suggesting Lorri Galloway “fabricated” her allegation of sexual assault against Vern Nelson.

Here’s the links; not exactly favorable to the #believesurvivors and #timesup crowd.

Not exactly a champion of abused women, are they?

The OC Weekly has an online story and it’s mostly Griselda’s point of view; and the story is a fair one because writer Gabriel San Roman included both sides. Both Phil and Griselda have emails that can shed more light on the case. They ought to release them to the public.

While gathering information for this post, I have been reminded that if we’re all rallying behind the #BelieveSurvivors hashtag, and I generally do, should we have to take a closer look into allegations of physical assault and mental abuse of DPOC Central Committee member Victor Valladares ex-wife, Breannia Lalama, who filed police reports and left photographic evidence of bruises she says were inflicted upon her by the now ex-husband? I’m not sure what happened to the charges, but she tells mutual friends she still fears for her safety.

She spoke before the OSVD School Board to report on the abuse she says she suffered and you can see the clip here:

Valladares isn’t a candidate for office, but is working on several campaigns.

Evidence and facts please. Credibility matters too.


  1. MeToo MeToo October 5, 2018

    I’ve never respected “bro code.” It’s harmful and perpetuates domestic violence and assault.

    Phil didn’t deny that he hit her or spit on her. He states” “I have never in my life laid my hand on a woman in violence.” This poorly constructed and obtuse sentence is purposeful and not a denial. I may have hit her, but never “in violence.” And, these rumors have been around much longer than a few weeks, try a few years.

    The SAPOA, Labor Fed, Dem Party and anyone else ought to immediately pull their endorsement. But, to save them trouble, Phil ought to do the responsible and withdraw. He won’t.

  2. AnonBlueDog AnonBlueDog October 5, 2018

    As Jeff LT told me TO MY FACE, “Hey Victor has some baggage for sure but the skin tone is what we need.” That’s why they give him the pass. Related question: Valladares just appointed Gina Clayton Tarvin as his alternate on CC. What does she think of these accusations against him? Little secret to many in the party that their on again/off again affair is currently “on.” No stinkin’ ethics I tell you.

    • Jeff LeTourneau Jeff LeTourneau October 5, 2018

      The assertion that I have EVER said any such thing to ANY person at ANY time is a bald faced lie made by a coward who dares not post under their true name! End of discussion until you come out of hiding and say this to my face! Not that that I care what the 8 people who still read this rag have to think!

      • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident October 6, 2018

        Sir, do not insult this fine pillar of community standards. Don’t you know? It got an award once.

      • AnonBlueDog AnonBlueDog October 7, 2018

        In addition to using Victor’s race, others supposedly heard you make suggestive remarks about him down In SD. Let me guess you didn’t do that either right? Lots of us are tired of your temper, dishonesty and general bitchiness. Also if you didn’t care what readers here thought, why are you here whining about it? The party is better than you. Get over yourself.

    • Jeff LeTourneU Jeff LeTourneU October 5, 2018

      I want to know why you refused to print my comments refuting this bald faced lie by an anonymous coward

      • Wanna piece of candy boi? Wanna piece of candy boi? October 6, 2018

        Jeff posted this on social media:

        “A drunken fratboy never remembers…..

        An assaulted young woman never forgets………

        Says the guy who travels to Thailand and PI to get his dates.

        • Greg Diamond Greg Diamond October 6, 2018

          I know where Jeff and Oni met: my house, here in Brea, where he was visiting. Not on some trip to the Philippines — you racist, homophobic, piece of wet offal.

          This is an example of the sort of comment that I reject from OJB, behavior that this blog owner here find so offensive. Are you going to leave this anonymous (and unprotected) “free speech” up? Will you help other people identify the IP address, in line with the precedent you’ve recently set?

          • OC DEM OC DEM October 7, 2018

            Once again, Greg steps right in to the rope a dope.

            Nobody mentioned Oni.

            Jeff has a LONG history of courting asian boi’s, nothing wrong with that and he’s not the first guy around the DPOC to have this proclivity.

            Because you need to be the smartest guy in the room you end up the dumbest.

            Your defense of Julio Perez is more disgusting than smelly Vern’s hygine.

        • Don't Harbor Homophobes Don't Harbor Homophobes October 6, 2018

          This is Greg Diamond using the fake email address I’d not using my real name and address because posts using one or the other often don’t appear — or even show as “under moderation,” allowing a screenshot.

          I know where Jeff and Oni met: my house, here in Brea, where he was visiting. Not on some trip to the Philippines — you racist, homophobic, piece of wet offal.

          This is an example of the sort of comment that I reject from OJB, behavior that this blog owner here find so offensive. Are you going to leave this anonymous (and unprotected) “free speech” up? Will you help other people identify the IP address, in line with the precedent you’ve recently set?

          • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | October 8, 2018

            Greg —
            I’d like to thank you for finding a way around the moderation placed on you by this blog; that’s going to be fixed today or tomorrow. I’ll also note your well documented position on anonymous commenters here and on your own blog. The precedent you believe exists came about because I was curious about a new commenter and as I scrolled, I discovered the same IP address is one you frequent. There are explanations for this — you blog from a coffee shop where others comment from, or other family members or associates of yours use your WiFi Network to post.

            In keeping with precedent, I won’t be sharing your IP address or the fake email addresses or phony names you used to comment with readers because I don’t do that for anyone. Making an observation about the same IP address is simply an observation. I will note that you used at least 5 different aliases to comment here with some completely veiled email addresses and even referenced yourself in the Third Person a couple of times.

            I will also thank you for your continued defense of Julio Perez and suggest to talk to other people who will tell you exactly how bad the investigation was for him and what facts were revealed. In particular, please defense his use of wiping clean data and applications from his tablet and computer. A Good IT technician can retrieve every web search and every website he’s ever visited on the OCLF network. You say “Julio’s not an idiot.” I say you both are.

        • Jeff LeTourneau Jeff LeTourneau October 8, 2018

          Never been to Thailand or the Phillipines EVER. Any other lies you want to state under your fake name?

          • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | October 8, 2018

            your brother-in-law has left comments under 5 fake names; do you want to go there?

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | October 6, 2018

        I just got to the blog this morning after errands. I’m not glued to it 24/7 like your brother in law is. Lots of first time IP addresses this week.

  3. It only "matters" when the other team does it It only "matters" when the other team does it October 5, 2018

    Oh Pleazzze.

    Valerie Amezcua and Gloria Alvarado used to pal around with Julio Perez.

    They and others went so far as to endorse Julio Perez despite the rumors swirling around.

    Local Elected Officials

    Dave Jones, California Insurance Commissioner
    Assembly Member Tony Mendoza, 56th District
    (ret.) State Senator Joe Dunn, 34th District
    Betty Yee, CA State Board of Equalization Member
    Lorri Galloway, Anaheim City Council Member
    Sal Tinajero, Santa Ana City Council Member
    Michael Matsuda, North Orange County Community College District Trustee
    John Hanna, Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustee
    Dr. Jose Moreno, Anaheim City School District Trustee
    Bao Nguyen, Garden Grove Unified School District Trustee
    John Palacio, Santa Ana Unified School District Trustee
    Sergio Contreras, Westminster School Board Trustee
    Kim Oanh Nguyen Lam, (ret.) Garden Grove Unified School District Trustee
    John Santoianni, Anaheim City Commissioner
    Al Jabbar, Anaheim City Commissioner
    Jeff Cole, Anaheim City School District Trustee
    Andre Quintero, El Monte Mayor
    Connie Boardman, Huntington City Councilwoman
    Joe Shaw, Huntington City Councilman
    Vicky Ramirez, Anaheim City Commissioner
    Keith Bohr, Huntington Beach Council Member

    Community Organizations & Leaders

    National Organization for Women
    Democracy For America, National & Orange County Chapter
    California Young Democrats
    Orange County Young Democrats
    California League of Conservation Voters
    Professional Engineers in California Government
    Golden State Manufactured Home Owners League
    Chicanos Unidos de Orange County
    Amin David, Los Amigos of Orange County President Emeritus*
    Dr. Jose Moreno, Los Amigos of Orange County President*
    Benny Diaz, LULAC State Director*
    Jess Araujo, civic leader & past President OC Hispanic Bar Association*
    Ron Herrera, Teamsters 396 Secretary-Treasurer*
    Rick Eiden, Orange County Labor Federation President*
    Tefere Gebre, Orange County Labor Federation Executive Director*
    Jeff LeTourneau, Democratic Party Activist & LGBT Community Leader
    Nick Anas, former Orange County Young Democrats President*
    Jim Higgins, IATSE Local 504 President*
    Les Blanchard, IATSE Local 504 Business Manager*
    Tim Allison, Environmental Caucus Statewide Chair*
    Lori Vandermeir, CA NOW Communications Director*
    Alfredo Amezcua, Santa Ana attorney
    Valerie Amezcua, community activist
    Jackie & Rudy Cordova, Santa Ana business owners
    Dr. Art & Raquel Lomeli, Santa Ana business owners
    Marti Schrank, Los Amigos of Orange County & Democratic Party activist*
    Lauren Lee, California College Democrats President
    Tim Steed, former California Young Democrats President
    Alan Woo, Asian Pacific Islander Planning Council of Orange County*
    Angel Aguilera, small business owner
    Jim Capretz, business owner & attorney
    Kimberly Claytor, teacher
    Alberto Duenas, Orange County Soccer League*
    Joe & Diane Dunn, Floral Park Santa Ana homeowners
    Minnie Leal, Santa Ana resident
    Mai Nguyen, Anaheim homeowner
    Claudia Perez, Anaheim homeowner
    Karen Ridley, Anaheim Educators * & teacher
    Ross Romero, real estate agent
    Marti Schrank, Democratic & civic activist
    Jennifer Seigert, Santa Ana resident & attorney
    Bob Twomey
    Benjamin Vasquez, Santa Ana teacher
    Gloria Alvarado, 69th AD DSCC Delegate
    Bernie Enriquez, 69th AD DSCC Delegate
    Jim Pantone, 69th AD DSCC Delegate & attorney
    Carina Frank-Pantone, 69th AD DSCC Delegate
    Priscilla Luviano, 69th AD DSCC Delegate
    Mitch Star, 69th AD DSCC Delegate
    Jose Garcia, Los Angeles Unified School District Public Relations Officer*

    For identification purposes only
    Labor Organizations
    California Labor Federation
    California Teachers Association
    California Federation of Teachers
    Communications Workers of America
    California School Employees Association
    United Nurses Association of California
    Laborers International Union of North America
    United Food and Commercial Workers International Union
    Orange County Employees Association
    United Domestic Workers
    Orange County Professional Firefighters Association, Local 3631
    State Coalition of Probation Organizations
    Anaheim Municipal Employees Association
    International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Local 504
    AFSCME District Council 36
    AFSCME Local 2076
    UNITE HERE Local 11
    United Food & Commercial Workers, Local 324
    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 11
    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 47
    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 441
    Laborers International Union of North America
    Laborers Union Local 652
    Roofers Union Local 220
    Sprinkler Fitters, UA Local 709
    Santa Ana City Employees, SEIU Local 721
    Service Employees International Union
    Western Regional District Council of Roofers and Waterproofers, California, Hawaii and Nevada

  4. It only "matters" when the other team does it It only "matters" when the other team does it October 5, 2018

    Jose Solorio should probably have stayed under the rock in which ever ward he pretends to live in today.

    He acts so upset by these unproven allegations but proudly touts his endorsement of admitted aldulterer Tom Umberg.

    Santa Ana City Councilmember Jose Solorio

    As do these folks who pretend to “support” women by endorse a man who repeatedly cheats on his wife.

    U.S. Congressman Lou Correa
    State Assemblyman Tom Daly
    Rancho Santiago Community College President Nelida Mendoza
    Rancho Santiago Community College Trustee Claudia Alvarez
    Rancho Santiago Community College Trustee John Hanna
    Santa Ana Unified School District Board President Valerie Amezcua
    Santa Ana Unified School District Boardmember John Palacio
    Santa Ana Unified School District Trustee Alfonso Alvarez
    California Democratic Party
    California Labor Federation
    California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV)
    California School Employees Association (CSEA)
    California Small Business Association
    California Federation of Teachers (CFT)
    California Teachers Association (CTA)
    Equality California
    IBEW Local 441
    International Longshore Warehouse Union (ILWU) Southern California District Council
    Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA)
    Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council
    Orange County Employees Association
    Orange County Labor Federation
    Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties

  5. Greg Diamond for Water Board Greg Diamond for Water Board October 6, 2018

    I’ll address two other things. I called Vern “lecherous” based on the my seeing him hit on women — in a *completely legal* way, but one I didn’t like (in part due to my friendship with his then long-term, apparently non-exclusive, out-of-county girlfriend.) Notably, I have NEVER seen him do so since he married Donna — and, as with his newfound sobriety, I am truly thrilled by the change.

    As for Galloway, I suspect that — as you say of Bacerra’s old girlfriends — she “could take him in a fight” and if there’s any truth to the allegation she was disgusted and annoyed rather than in any fear. Vern’s assertion that she continued to let other women in her organization drive Vern places without warning, and her never having followed up on the alleged assault, suggests to me that there’s good reason to believe him — although there’s also good reason to think that she (being a tough cookie, like both of her female opponents for Mayor) didn’t think was any more than a nuisance until far later.

    As for Julio — SINCE his departure I’ve checked with sources of both genders that would have known if there was anything serious behind the allegations, and I’ve been told that there wasn’t. The independent investigation looked into charges so minor (including, as I recall, actions that could *plausibly* have led to a hostile work environment) that a negative report on him would have said as little *nothing* about the more serious charges leveled against him here and elsewhere. Even one mildly sexually themes joke would have done it. But, OCLF was within its rights to fire him for any legal reason or no legal reason at all — and the bad publicity he attracted (even without even one off-color joke) would have sufficed.

    I still think that his allegedly saying “this is porn” before showing a video would have been a dry joke, and that the video would have been something other than porn, for two reasons: (1) Julio is not an idiot and (2) there’s no other evidence (as one might have expected to arise after his departure from OCLF) that he EVER did ANY such thing to any woman, man, or child in the OCLF office or elsewhere. So in Kavanaugh terms, you have an anonymous version of Dr. Blasey Ford and no Rarmirez or Swetnik or anyone else offering “common MOI” evidence.

    I agree with you on one thing: let’s see the emails and texts — and, I’ll add, BEFORE voting begins! In the meantime, if the opportunity presents itself, at this point I would happily vote not only to retract the DPOC endorsement of Bacerra and even to replace it with an endorsement of Reyna.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | October 8, 2018

      Re: Julio Perez, from OC Weekly:

      Attorney Monica Guizar, who was retained to conduct an investigation into the allegations of females who had formerly worked under Perez, including an intern who’d made a #MeToo post, presented her findings earlier this month to the OCLF Executive Board. Guizar reported that some allegations could be corroborated and others could not.

      Two women alleged that Perez showed them pornography at OCLF, while the executive director and two others who witnessed the incident denied it occurred, according to Guizar, who added that she found the female accusers to be credible.

      As part of the investigation, Perez turned in his work laptop and a tablet but wiped them clean by resetting them to factory settings, according to Guizar, who told the board she considered that interfering with her probe.

      Meanwhile, a third woman alleged inappropriate sexual misconduct and retaliation by Perez, who had shared a consensual relationship with her at one time, according to the investigation. That apparently changed when she alleged that Perez told her she’d lose special privileges at OCLF for her work if a sexual relationship didn’t continue. She alleged that on one occasion, she went to the OCLF for a work meeting when he closed the door and initiated an unspecified sex act. Retaliation came after Perez blocked her from future employment opportunities, according to Guizar, who found her to be credible. Perez is said to have refused to participate when asked to address the allegations.

      During the investigation, the Executive Board also became aware that Perez was previously accused of sexual misconduct by two women at AFL-CIO events. The allegations were that he groped them and made inappropriate comments on separate occasions. The AFL-CIO investigated the allegations and asked him to step down from his position on the AFL-CIO’s youth worker advisory council. At that time, they also warned him future allegations of such a nature could result in his termination.

      Also during the investigation, Perez made Facebook posts that appeared to be directed at an accuser or accusers.

      From the OCLF Press Release:

      January 25, 2018 — Following an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct, delegates for the Orange County Labor Federation on Thursday voted to terminate the employment of Executive Director Julio Perez effective immediately.

      The investigation was initiated in October following allegations posted on Facebook as part of the #metoo movement regarding Mr. Perez’s alleged conduct. OCLF hired an independent attorney to conduct the investigation, and that attorney reported credible testimony from multiple women whose allegations ranged from inappropriate comments to inappropriate sexual activity in the workplace and retaliation. Based on findings and recommendations of the independent attorney investigator, OCLF took action to terminate Mr. Perez Thursday night in accordance with its bylaws.

      “There is no place for sexual harassment in the labor movement and tonight’s vote is consistent with the values union members fight for every day,” said Jennifer Beuthin, who was designated under OCLF policies as the investigation’s liaison. “Together, we will continue to build power for working people in Orange County, stand up against injustice wherever it appears and remain a strong partner in the communities where we live and work.”

    • FirstTime FirstTime October 9, 2018

      You literally have no idea what you’re talking about regarding Julio, and it would behoove you to stop making nonsensical excuses for his outrageous behavior, for which he was fired after a long investigation. Try for a little consistency, Mr. Orange Juice.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | October 9, 2018

        Thanks for chiming in

  6. Bruce Bruce October 9, 2018

    Ok back to the issue at hand (as a gay man, I find the assertions made against Jeff to be especially disgusting)

    There are credible accusations that have been lodged against Phil. I know Phil too. Did he ever strike me or hit me? Did he ever spit on me and demean me like a dog? Well that isn’t a good test of a credible accuser Dan. You know better. The test of someone’s proclivity toward this sort of violence is tested behind closed doors in the intimate confines of a relationship. That is why your testimonial (“Phil is a good guy”) is meaningless. Even good guys do bad things. The test is whether an accuser, here Grisdelda, is credible and if she has anything to gain from coming forward. She is both credible and has absolutely nothing to gain from coming forward. Indeed, she like many abused victims has suffered additionally because they come forward and their accusations are treated like a “women scorned.” This is out of a very old tired playbook written by men. It is sad, then, that you have played into that old-time narrative. Bottom line is that Griselda deserves to be believed. If she is to believed, then, Phil is not well suited for public office.

  7. Bruce Bruce October 9, 2018

    Additionally, the accusation that the crowd coming after Phil was silent against Julio doesn’t hold any water. Many of us, including Valerie Amezcua, Michele Martinez, Tish Leon, etc. etc., were very forthright on that matter (sadly, many of the male politicians went “radio silent” on that matter.) It matters little to me, and to others, if the abuser is on the same side of the fence as me or not. Abuse is abuse.

    • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident October 9, 2018

      Bruce, you have made reasoned and logical statements.

      Clearly you have come to the wrong place.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | October 9, 2018

      Thanks for your comments Bruce; very much appreciated. Yes, Phil is a good guy and I have said I am prepared to change my mind with the presentation of evidence. I have asked that emails and text messages between the two be made public. Both of them can come forward. Griselda mentioned known witnesses; let them come forward. I welcome their observations of what they saw.

      And the notion that argument against Julio doesn’t hold water, I respectufully disagree. Some of the very people calling for Phil’s head said nothing when Julio was investigated.

      I’m also reminded of the statement Victor Valledares ex-wife Briana Lalama made last year when #metoo emerged. Here it is (and let me know if you believe her credible):

      Breannia Lalama is feeling inspired.
      · November 13, 2017 · Anaheim ·
      My name is Breannia Lalama, the ex-wife of Victor Valladares. I recently saw a Facebook post written by my ex-husband, Victor Valladares, responding to an article that was written about the physical, mental, sexual and emotional abuse I have been struggling to overcome.
      Unlike so many other brave women out there, I did not feel empowered by the #MeToo campaign and had nothing to do with publishing the Sledgehammer article about my history of domestic violence.
      I understand that it was written by a woman concerned about Victor’s place in the Democratic party of Orange County. She informed the public about the sworn statements I made in 2013. I made those statements because I feared for my life after I was sexually, physically and verbally attacked by Victor Valladares.
      I sought protection for my safety from the courts.
      I was utterly disgusted to see others question my truthfulness and attack me, a victim for speaking out and seeking the court’s protection. I made these statements before Victor was a delegate to the Democratic Party of Orange County. It was not political – it was for my safety and photos and witnesses can corroborate my testimony that was made under oath.
      He had physically,sexually and verbally attacked me many times before I sought a divorce, but I was too scared to report him because he threatened that if I did he would harm me or my family members. That is also the reason I chose to drop the case, because of my fear of him.
      This same fear prevented me from speaking out about his violence and abuse then and now.
      After seeing what he wrote about me calling me a liar, and also watching the many other women today bravely speaking about their abusive situations, I want to finally come out and tell my story.
      I am ashamed to admit that I was abused for years by Victor Valladares and I have the injuries to prove it. I am speaking for myself because I am tired of his abusive attacks and lies and I won’t be bullied by him anymore.
      He claims he did not do what I swore to under oath, but where is his oath? Our own children witnessed the abuse. Will he call them liars again like he called our youngest son a F-ing liar November 1st to save himself instead of worrying about the impact that this has on our children? I could go to jail for making that up. Why would I do that? There are witnesses to much of this abuse and they are willing to speak up about what they witnessed.
      He tries to put across one image in public and I want people to know the truth. He is a public figure and they are entitled to the truth. I have injuries from him, both physical and mental, that I will never recover from.
      He ignores his child support responsibilities. He smears me to other people. He does not care about his children’s welfare more than his own power. An example of that is when he recently got me fired from my job. He would rather show the world how powerful he is by the circle he runs in over making sure I have the financial ability to provide for our children.
      My fear has turned to an emotion where I want justice. Although I have seen some vicious things said about me, I have also seen some strangers support me. If strangers can support me, I do not feel so alone and I’m not going to be scared anymore.
      Victor accused me of “working with” someone to attack him. That is ridiculous. Much of what he has done is public record, so he can’t deny that.
      I’m attaching a photo of me from the day I went to the police after being abused by him. You can see the bruises for yourself, then maybe all of these people that he has fooled will open their eyes and see the truth.
      I am posting this fully aware that Victor or his “crew” may retaliate for my telling the truth as he has done so in the past but I can no longer remain silent to this abuse Our children and I have endured for all these years.
      I just pray that his retaliation will not hurt our children further.
      This is over, Victor. I’m fighting back. #MeToo”

      Additionally, in comments, witnesses came forward to verify her claim. This all came out after Victor was elected to the Central Committee. What should the party do?

  8. TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November ️‍♂️ TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November ️‍♂️ October 10, 2018

    WTF is this? The war of the Orange County blogs? . I’d have to say I definitely prefer this blog. The other blog apparently only allows friends and family to comment, and that dude Greg has a stick up his ass about anonymous commenters. My IP address ain’t “nunya” business, Mr. Diamond. If you can’t handle a few critical comments from people who are unknown to you, then maybe the political blog business is not for you. Try reading the 1st Amendment sometime.

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