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Disgraced former OC Labor Fed Leader emerges behind a Bar in Santa Ana

Break out the date rape drug testing kits.  A new restaurant, Cevicheria Nais, had a soft launch in downtown Santa Ana on Friday and disgraced former OC Labor Fed leader Julio Perez is listed as a partner in this new venture.  Word is Julio’s been making drinks behind the bar and it’s not the sort of bar(s) the #MeToo activists would like to see him behind.

OC WEEKLY has the details here.

Santa Ana council member David Benevedes says he’s going to present the new restaurant with some sort of official city recognition; Anaheim Council member Dr. Jose Moreno attended the soft launch, and Santa Ana activist Tish Leon ripped into both of them for their support of this new eatery.  OC Weekly reports the Yelp reviews on a restaurant that hasn’t yet officially opened are savage.

From the Weekly’s story:

Corporation papers filed in March with the California Secretary of State show that Godinez is CEO and Perez is the secretary of Santo Broders Group, which owns the new restaurant Cevichería Nais at 224 E. 3rd St., Santa Ana.

If you need reminders about Perez’s horrible behavior towards women at OCLF, here’s the coverage.

The allegations against him surfaced publicly in October after OC Young Democrats chairwoman Danielle Serbin shared a statement with the Weekly and other outlets claiming that two powerful men in her political party from Orange County had been outed as sexual harassers via Facebook as part of the #MeToo campaign. Serbin later confirmed for the Weekly that the accused were Perez and Erik Taylor, the former executive director of the Democratic Party of Orange County. Following the Weekly‘s report on Serbin’s disclosure, Taylor stepped down as campaign manager for Phil Janowicz, a Democrat seeking the 39th Congressional District seat currently held by Rep. Ed Royce (R-Brea), who recently announced his retirement.

The source, who shared what happened at Thursday’s meeting only if the Weekly did not name the witness, gave the following account of what Beuthin told labor delegates.

Attorney Monica Guizar, who was retained to conduct an investigation into the allegations of females who had formerly worked under Perez, including an intern who’d made a #MeToo post, presented her findings earlier this month to the OCLF Executive Board. Guizar reported that some allegations could be corroborated and others could not.

Two women alleged that Perez showed them pornography at OCLF, while the executive director and two others who witnessed the incident denied it occurred, according to Guizar, who added that she found the female accusers to be credible.

As part of the investigation, Perez turned in his work laptop and a tablet but wiped them clean by resetting them to factory settings, according to Guizar, who told the board she considered that interfering with her probe.

Meanwhile, a third woman alleged inappropriate sexual misconduct and retaliation by Perez, who had shared a consensual relationship with her at one time, according to the investigation. That apparently changed when she alleged that Perez told her she’d lose special privileges at OCLF for her work if a sexual relationship didn’t continue. She alleged that on one occasion, she went to the OCLF for a work meeting when he closed the door and initiated an unspecified sex act. Retaliation came after Perez blocked her from future employment opportunities, according to Guizar, who found her to be credible. Perez is said to have refused to participate when asked to address the allegations.

During the investigation, the Executive Board also became aware that Perez was previously accused of sexual misconduct by two women at AFL-CIO events. The allegations were that he groped them and made inappropriate comments on separate occasions. The AFL-CIO investigated the allegations and asked him to step down from his position on the AFL-CIO’s youth worker advisory council. At that time, they also warned him future allegations of such a nature could result in his termination.

Some sort of protest is planned when the restaurant finally opens.  Meanwhile, we suggest any woman going into the place carry one of these with her.


  1. OC DEM OC DEM May 31, 2018

    A closer look reveals the landlord is none other than Vince Sarmiento, another Santa Ana Latino Democrat.

    So now one must wonder who the DA elected who was said to have “hired” then “fired” Julio’s new political consulting firm after he promised to deliver labor votes and support.

  2. David Vasquez David Vasquez May 31, 2018

    So let me get this straight:
    Dr. Jose Moreno, Anaheim City Council Member, who is married with four daughters and is championed as a “Progressive Democrat” by other “Progressive Democrats” like: Ada Bricieno, Jeff Letourneau, Mirevette Judah and others.
    Let’s look at these “progressive values”:

    In 2015 Dr. Moreno pleaded with a LA superior Court Judge for leniency for his Brother -in-law, who was convicted of spousal abuse, terrorist threats and is just a REALLY REALLY BAD HUMAN BEING (Telling a child “your Mother is a F$%king C$nt”)? Despite the history of abuse, Jose chose his wife’s brother over a woman and children’s safety. PIG.
    Dr. Moreno not only remained silent, during the whole Julio Perez sexual harassment scandal, he EMBRACED him, inviting Julio into his home, dining with Julio, even appointing Julio Perez an accused SEXUAL PREDATOR to a city commission. He said “I STAND WITH JULIO”.
    This past year, Dr. Moreno helped an unemployed activist, Victor Valladares, form a new organization, OC Chicano/Latino Immigrant Organization. Valladares named President has a long record of domestic violence, has been accused of rape, is documented as being abusive, in addition to flaunting his affair with a married woman. How’s that for RESPECT.
    Now this week we learn, Dr. Moreno has encouraged friends and family to patronize Julio Perez’s new fish house, recruiting other morally questionable Latin politician’s to help Julio begin his political re-birth.

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