Irvine to Remodel City Council Chambers; Adds BulletProof Glass to Shield Council

Don Wagner

For many people, Irvine is “the bubble.”  It’s a place where people are protected from reality by a false sense of security.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, where only three members attended, the city council — Mayor Don Wagner and Mayor Pro Tem Christina Shea — voted to spend $3.85 million on remodeling the city council chambers to “upgrade the video broadcast equipment; but added to this expense was the construction of a transparent and bullet-proof glass wall to protect the city council from any possible active shooter.

Mind you, Irvine is America’s safest city for years and the two council members voting yes are staunch Second Amendment advocates.

The money for the remodel comes from funds paid to the city by Cox Communications — whom Shea suggested the city withhold paying their bill to — and it doesn’t come from the general fund.  But under instense questioning about where are the fund coming from by Council member Jeff Lalloway, city staff was left speechless on answers to a number of questions.  Nonetheless, Wagner and Shea voted yes but does Irvine need a bulletproof shield between its city council and the people it represents?

Irvine City Council member Christina Shea

Hell no.

Imagine what benefits the homeless in OC could get from $3.85 million from Irvine?