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Farrah Khan announces impressive list of endorsements for Irvine City Council

Farrah Khan
Farrah Khan is making her second run for Irvine city council this year and has announced an impressive list of endorsements.
“We have earned the endorsement of the following elected officials: Senator Connie Leyva, Senator Josh Newman, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk Silva, Coast Community College Trustee Lorraine Prinsky, former Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley, Oak View School Board Gina Clayton Tarvin, Costa Mesa Councilman John Stephens and 14 other local electeds.”
Additionally, Khan leads the Irvine City Council candidate’s field in fundraising — while not raising money for a Central Committee seat in 2020 to skirt the city’s campaign finance limits. Khan is the South County Vice Chair for the Democratic Party of Orange County.
Those who’d like to help her effort should go to to make a contribution.


  1. Senior Senior March 20, 2018

    Woooow… 2 bad she won’t take a position on anything and can’t form a cogent argument. Have a good time with that, Dan Chewsalotskeez.

  2. Vern Vern March 21, 2018

    I know you’re”nobody’s monkey,” but the homelessness issue has come to your doorstep. Are you going to take a stand?

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | March 21, 2018

      I was writing a post when you commented. Worry about your own blog and the content of your own character

    • David Vasquez David Vasquez March 21, 2018

      Vern, I like most, would love to see an honest debate/discussion regarding the issue.

      Unfortunately, your blog is among the worst offenders when it comes to developing a narrative. I will use Jeanine Mercado (who I think is Jeanine Robbins WTF??). ONE SIDED. You call people protecting their property as NIMBY’s and selfish.

      How about a “SUB-BLOG” where REAL stories, real comments can be shared.

      Not eight comments by unemployed blog denizens (including the crazy, the felon, the FIRED county guy). Let’s see what people say. Even Victor Valladares mistress Gina Clayton Tarvin is opposed to this idea.

      How about a REAL DISCUSSION. How about MAP’S, population data, demographics……….

      Not a FAKE NAMED NIMBY who saved her neighborhood from STR’s but, now want to RUIN ours.

      There’s idea Vern

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | March 22, 2018

        David – just read Ricardo’s comment on the OJ blog requesting I take this comment down. I have no email or phone message from him. So up this stays. This is the second overt lie Ricardo has posted. An earlier one suggested a family member of mine emailed him details about my business. Except for my wife and kids, I have no family in California. And precious few family members even know who my clients are. I used to respect Ricardo even if I disagreed with him. But he’s dishonest.

        • David Vasquez David Vasquez March 22, 2018

          So, I just saw “Dick Bull’s” AKA Ricardo Toro’s comment, a few things strike me:
          1) Where did I EVER attack “Ms. Mercado”? I merely asked if this was the same person who speaks at Anaheim council meetings as Jeanine Robbin’s and the irony that the OJB now has “Fingal O’Flahertie” in their stable of people posting under their real name.

          2) This guy seems obsessed with me and my identity. Someone, claiming to be him, came to my door and asked about me and my background. That’s ALL I KNOW. My wife and daughter were a bit FREAKED OUT.

          3) I can’t help but notice whenever ANYONE at the OJB can’t answer or defend a position they spin and lie.

          I never even heard of this guy before his antics, so I could not respect him.

  3. David Vasquez David Vasquez March 23, 2018

    Note to “Dick Bull” AKA Ricardo Toro:

    First, it was the OJB and Paul Lucas that invented “Henry Lipton”, there is ample evidence that “I play above the fray” David Zenger is “Randy Roddy” and whoever he pretended to be when he was a right wing wing nut with his sugar Daddy Tony Bushala. But of late, the OJB has some hysterical Finagan fellow, who “Crazy Greg” says he doesn’t know.

    Yet you try and bait me, by calling me “Fake” I don’t believe we’ve met, yet you thrice claimed we have……..
    Dick, please provide ample actionable proof I don’t exist. YOU CAN’T. We are on Nextdoor, have met with Lou Correa, have attended Anaheim meetings. We are just not WING NUTS like you folks.

    We have kids, jobs, activities outside politics. We don’t paint stupid crazy messages on our vehicles, we don’t do puppet shows. We don’t hide behind others and most certainly WE DON’T EXPOSE YOUNG WOMEN TO SEXUAL ABUSE.

    Jam it Toro. You are FAKE. You are a FAKE FU%#ER. Other wise you would say:
    “Julio Perez, Michael Kinslow, Erik Taylor, Victor Valladares, Doug Applegate and Benny Diaz: GET OUT. GET AWAY, We don’t care if you are Brown, Blue or Hot Pink, Get Lost. Progressives do ‘t stand for Sexual Harassment.”

    No instead you concentrate on me and my family. Who is the REAL DEMOCRAT. Not You.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | March 23, 2018

      Loved Ricardo’s post today for what he omitted. Still waiting for him to send me email asking for the take down.

    • Aerosmith Aerosmith March 23, 2018

      It’s going to be such a nice spot for coffee!

      You and Ricardo can just sit down look at the fountain talk through your differences enjoy a latte, then you can get right back in the elevator and go back to work.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | March 24, 2018

        Ricardo’s little post left out three quarters of the conversation which had most to do with my “business relationship” with Mike Levin using a client list that’s 4 years old. I found him stupid. He didn’t understand what “pro bono” meant. He brought up “the Applegate libel” and I asked if he read the court papers published in the San Diego News Tribune, the LA Times or Politico. He had not. I asked if he understood Applegate’s wife asked for a restraining order and that Applegate had to turn in 2 firearms. Ricardo was practically begging me to stop. I’ll take down the comment that so offended Ricardo when he emails me his request to do so. Sloppy, dumb, cowardly man.

  4. OCDEM OCDEM March 23, 2018

    Ricardo Toro.

    When you call out Doug Applegate, Julio Perez, Benny Diaz, Victor Valladares, Vern Nelson, Erik Taylor AND THEIR HANDLERS and defenders as what they are: SEXUALLY ABUSIVE PIGS.

    We will take you seriously. Until then you are just another chicken sh!t coward, like Greg, Jose Moreno (The WORST coward), Jeff Letiurneu, Pantone and that two faced fool Ada Briceno. Why won’t you call out sexual harassment abuse BY NAME.

    I’ll tell you why: you are a coward. You are a weakling. You are a enabler.

  5. David Vasquez David Vasquez March 25, 2018

    So Little Man, supposed Democrat, Ricardo “Dick Bull” Toro, remains SILENT on sexual abuse of women within his own realm. This is the mark of a COWARD. An internet cowoy, perhaps somebody’s tool.

    Ricardo, why will you not, in PLAIN ENGLISH, call out Julio Perez, Erik Taylor, Benny Diaz, Victor Valladares and Col. Doug Applegate for their abuse of women?

    Do you have TWO sets of standards DICK? or are your just as your name suggests? Julio is a party stalwart right? CONDEMN his abhorrent behavior, what about Erik and Mike, Victor and the documented Applegate abuse.

    Duck, cover, lie…..the OJB WAY….Food Porn… He didn’t have a GUN…..It was “sexting”…..Diamonds defense of Vern accosting Lorri Galloway as acceptable, It was the Cops fault and now DICK BULL, scrambling to defend these creeps.

    Bring it on DICK

  6. Aerosmith Aerosmith March 26, 2018

    You’re talking an awful lot about dick. Might cause someone to think that’s an issue for you.

    Will be a couple weeks before your new coffee shop is open for you and Ricardo to chat. Take it easy.

    • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident March 26, 2018

      “Might cause someone to think that’s an issue for you.”

      Yep. It’s an issue all right. David Vasquez/OCDEM/Fred hasn’t got the professional counseling she needs.

  7. David Vasquez David Vasquez March 26, 2018

    That’s a nice Sophomoric comment Roddy, err Dave uhh Aerosmith……Whatever.

    I would think that the sexual abuse of women by Democratic candidates would be a point of contention for your brand of white power republicans, in Anaheim/Fullerton. But, whichever way the wind blows……….

    How did that Million Dollar lawsuit work out for you Dave?

    • Imagine My Surprise! Imagine My Surprise! March 26, 2018

      Tisk tisk, so angry!

      We could invite a few of your old clients to coffee with Ricardo if that’ll help you calm down. I think they hate all those Fullerton Republican old white guys, too.

      It’ll be fun!

    • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident March 26, 2018

      “But, whichever way the wind blows……….”

      You’d know a lot more about that than I would. I just put my pants on one leg at a time. Shall we continue?

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | March 27, 2018

      Ricardo posts a comment on OJ suggesting I only recently disclosed a pro bono relationship with CleanTechOC (now SustainOC) where I worked with Mike Levin. How many times do I need to disclose this exactly? And he presumes to lecture me on journalism ethics when he publishes old information as new? Rich!

      And Ricardo takes offense to commenters here calling him names. “As far as fake Vasquez/OCDem, making fun of my last name is what a redneck would do. They’re coming across as a modern version of mini-Goebbels.” Making fun of someone’s last name? I wouldn’t know what that’s like at all… Might want to read that blog you write for Ricardo. Those “rednecks” do that all the time.

      So not only is Ricardo dumb, he’s thin-skinned to boot. Maybe he’d like to dig up some old bylines of my wife’s from her days at the OC Register and pass those off as new too.

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