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So Now Can We Have a Talk About Gun Violence in America

For up to date coverage on what’s happening in Las Vegas, go to

Las Vegas, 2017: 58 killed so far; hundreds wounded

Orlando, 2016: 50 killed

Virginia Tech, 2007: 32 killed

Sandy Hook, 2012: 27 killed

San Ysirdo, 1984: 21 killed

San Bernadino, 2015: 14 killed

Edmond, 1986: 14 killed

Fort Hood, 2009: 13 killed

Columbine, 1999: 13 killed


  1. Ltpar Ltpar October 2, 2017

    Same song different verse, could get better but it always get’s worse. Didn’t take liberals and “no gun” freaks long to jump on the latest tragedy. Once again we have those damn guns getting together and generating a tragedy of epic proportions. Ignored in the aftermath is, guns by themselves don’t pull their triggers or shoot anyone. It takes a mentally unbalanced human being to put such an action into place. Dan, surely you know that even if firearms were banned in totality, there would always be a black market in play and criminals, psychos and terrorists would have guns. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the average Joe Citizen would no longer have any way to protect himself or his family. Fortunately, for the country, the firearms dilemma is addressed by the Constitution and backed by the Supreme Court. In the end, you can bullshit your liberal “Snowflake” followers, but when the rubber meets the road you will never get our guns.

    • RHackett RHackett October 3, 2017

      Let’s take your argument to the next level.

      Why should we care if N. Korea gets nuclear weapons? Nuclear weapons don’t kill people. People kill people.

      See how stupid that sounds?

      Who am I kidding? Of course you don’t.

  2. PeePeePat PeePeePat October 2, 2017

    Pat needs his gun because his wee wee is so small. And he has no balls

  3. Alan Alan October 2, 2017

    Blood on the hands of every person in Congress that voted against banning automatic weapons. But there tweets about praying for the victims is really helping a lot.

  4. RHackett RHackett October 2, 2017

    Folks like Pat never offer a solution that has been proven to work.

    Many industrialized nations have freedom and don’t have mass shootings.

    Yet we seem incapable or not interested in finding out why.

    If your response to Las Vegas is prayer, don’t waste your time. God sat out the Holocaust, you think he’s gonna do something about a “lone gunman”? You want change? You’re gonna have to do something about it yourself. Vote for gun control.

    I refuse to pretend to be outraged or saddened. It’s happened too often for me to pretend any longer. It’s like being outraged and saddened by traffic fatalities. When enough Americans have had enough so that they support politicians for gun control, then I’ll care again. Until then, it’s just another statistic.

    • Alan Alan October 2, 2017

      RHackett, I totally agree with your comment. Just in case people didn’t get it the remark I made about prayer was in jest. The NRA and all their money needs to be stopped.

  5. David Vasquez David Vasquez October 2, 2017

    I have strong opinions about gun violence.

    But, I’ll take this opportunity to say ONCE AGAIN, the DPOC needs to have security “wanding” people at the meetings.

    “Crazy Greg” could be the next Mass Killer, save his inability to afford ammo.

    This is not a comment made in jest. Greg Diamond scares me and others. his erratic behavior, should not be dismissed.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | October 2, 2017

      Greg is a Panda. Only scary to those smaller than him. Pandas sleep 12 hours a day, eat 11-1/2 house a day, shit 40 times a day and have little interest in procreation.

    • OC DEM OC DEM October 4, 2017

      I took Sherriff Joe Lombardo’s (and the FBI) advice and reported Greg to the Brea, Orange and Anaheim PD (As well as the FBI and the US Capitol police) that I was concerned with Greg’s increasing radical and unstable behavior and I said plainly:

      “Without his defunct blog (OJB) to use as an outlet, I was fearful his depression could trigger a violent outburst like Las Vegas or Tuscon. I included quotes from Gabby Giffords husband that, to me made Greg sound earilly similar to Jared Lee Laughner.”

      It would be horrible to learn later that we could get someone like Greg help and save lives and we didn’t.

      Considering the paralels betwen Stephen Paddock and “Crazy Greg” are alarming (save the fact Diamond has no money)

      • David Vasquez David Vasquez October 5, 2017

        So, I guess one can expect a vehement defense from “Crazy Greg”, along with the customary take down notice, now that we know the Las Vegas shooter was on psychotropic drugs, just like the other Mass Shooters of our day.

        I think metal detectors are useless against a man of Greg’s intellect…….NOT.

  6. Jon Thompson Jon Thompson October 2, 2017

    Listening to the gunfire it is most likely a belt fed M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) Machine Gun. You can’t buy those let alone find linked ammo for it. You may find them overseas in conflict zones that were stolen from the US Military.

    I highly doubt any Legally purchased AR that was illegally converted to fully auto and crappy store bought 100 round drums could fire 350-400 rounds (85-100 rounds a time) without jamming the whole time.

    More believeable someone did this as a false flag and set the guy up.

    If this powerful Military weapon came from overseas. Shouldn’t we be talking about how to stop it from coming into our country?

    • RHackett RHackett October 5, 2017

      He had more than one weapon.

      Not that hard to believe.

  7. Wuzzy Spaulding Wuzzy Spaulding October 2, 2017

    1. So the White House says this isn’t the time to discuss gun safety laws. Standard conservative/Republican answer. Implicit in that statement is that the appropriate time exists. But they never say when that is.

    2. Why is it that the Second Amendment is sacrosanct? There are laws that limit or encroach on other amendments — libel, slander (First), asset forfeiture (Fourth), and others — but this is not allowed for the Second Amendment. I admit I’m no Constitutional Law expert. Still, I’ve not seen anything in the Constitution that says any one Amendment is superior to any other. I’ve found nothing that says one Amendment is special and unlike any other.

    While I’m no law expert, I do know what the difference is. Only the Second Amendment has a lobby dedicated specifically to it. At its inception, the NRA was a gun safety group. It has morphed into a manufacturers lobby and all its activity is all about the Benjamins — selling more weapons of every description and more ammunition. All that stuff about sporting, hunting, self-protection is bullshit, a distraction. They don’t give a furry rat’s ass about anything other than profit for the manufacturers.

    If massacring school kids doesn’t move the discussion, nothing will. And nothing has.

  8. RHackett RHackett October 9, 2017

    Bill Maher had the best line.

    “When a republican says they are sending ‘thoughts and prayers’ that’s their way of saying, ‘tough shit.””

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