Pride Flag Resolution Passes DPOC



    • I thank providence every day I’m in the local blogosphere that I am not Greg Diamond or Vern Nelson. I’m sure that they’ll, as a tit-for-tat, write the same about me — but they have lousy judgment so that doesn’t matter.

      They both constantly praise Tom Tait even when he disregardes Anaheim’s LGBTQ community but both are failures as fathers and professionals. Diamond’s daughter is active duty, not a “veteran” as he states. Anyone familiar with the military would get that. Neither of them are in a financial position to help their children by birth or by marriage. Nor are their friends. Nelson plays organ in church while being an agnostic. That’s called being a shill for money.

      As far as judgement goes, I’ll take my record over theirs any day. The difference comes to loyalty to friends which neither of them have. As evidenced by the piss poor contributions to Nelson’s son’s legal defense.

      I take heart knowing if I were in any sort of trouble, I have friends who will support me. I think both men are failures as fathers and husbands and as professionals. I am glad they can count on six people to comment on their blog regularly. During the DPOC meeting, while Greg was speaking, the Committee Member sitting next to me mouthed the words “Asshole” while Greg spoke. I introduced myself and offered a fistbump. Seemed right at the time.

      All said, enjoy your closeted blog fellas where no criticism sees the light of day. You both have little influence and no money to make a difference in any race for office that matters.

  1. Was this was the same meeting where Henry ” Paul” Lipton joked he’d walk for TRUMP if he supported legislation to mandate “Four GRAM Eighths”.

    Is this who we want representing Dem’s?

  2. Avelino Valencia also abstained on the motion, Dan. Any thoughts on his motivations for doing so?

    • From Mr. Diamond: “I voted to abstain because it was a half-basked bit of pandering by “summer soldiers” in the war for LGBT rights that would likely have been improved by another month’s gestation. Now, the fact that it was a half-baked bit of pandering may very well have had something to do with Chumley’s participation in the project — but I would have had the exact same reaction has his name not been at the tail-end of the author’s list.”

      I take offense to the summer soldiers term and those in the party who voted for this ought to take offense. I don’t track how many years I’ve supported gay rights but I’ve certainly written enough on the topic that my views are well know. When I submitted the resolution to the Party, Jeff Letourneau sent me a nice note to let me know I saved him the time of writing a resolution on this.

      Greg likes to talk about my alleged contempt for the poor; volunteering and making financial contributions to a number of charities that benefit the poor that my family and I do are a lot less contemptuous of the poor than his just blogging about it.

  3. Jeff should be censured for his words. His pitiful self defense to Gustavo SCREAMED:
    ” I have earned the right to hate. I have earned the right to make stupid bigoted comments”.

    What an asshole.

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