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Screaming at Mimi; Protests at Rep. Walters Office on Extreme Vetting and Healthcare

Mimi won’t meet with voters

Rep. Mimi Walters (CD-45) might want to put more chairs out in her Orange County offices because protesters are going to be showing up on a regular basis.

The next such appointment is Tuesday afternoon (1/31) with constituents very upset about the Congresswoman’s support of President Trump’s illegal and unconstitutional ban on Immigrants and Refugees from the Middle East.  If that’s not bad enough, she’s featured in newspaper ads suggesting residents call her to thank her for her vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act and to see her plan for replacing it (spoiler alert: there is no plan).

OC residents upset with Mimi will be showing up at her offices around 3PM today.  Get there early to park.  It’s at 3333 Michelson near Jamboree and the 405 freeway and its near LA Fitness.

In 2015, Walters was against candidate Trump’s ban on Muslims.  She’s flip flopped and is now in support of the ban in spite of representing a considerable number of Muslims — Persian Americans in particular —  than most members of Congress.  Her position supporting the President’s ban places her in direct opposition to OC’s large Muslim population.

DPOC Treasurer Florice Hoffman called the office Monday morning and posted this:

Called Mimi Walters in DC yes she supports the executive orders for extreme vetting to safeguard our security. The staff reads a prepared statement and in 2015 she was talking about a Muslim Ban which she believed the executive orders are not.

Joe DiStefano posted this Monday: “I just spoke with Hanna (who was very polite) in her office. Hanna read a statement of Walters’ support of Trump’s Executive Order to ban Muslims. I reminded Hannah of Mimi’s statement from December 2015 “They do not represent conservative values nor the principles upon which this country was founded”. I also requested she hold a town hall meeting with her constituents.

If you have not already, call her office: 949-263-8703.”

It’s important to note this is a grassroots effort; other groups will try and claim ownership and that’s simply not the case.

From Tim Burns:  “In opposition to any press release going out about tomorrow’s gathering at Rep. Walters office under the auspices of any particular organization.

This is a grassroots movement that is bigger than any of us, or any group. Messages on social media throughout the 45th District have reflected on this very point with very large and favorable responses. Many of us are uncomfortable with any group announcing to the media that they are the “host” of tomorrow’s gathering.

Tomorrow’s gathering will be large. Many of us have spread the word far and wide, to lawyers, to activists, and concerned citizens of many organizations and faiths.

This is ALL of us. This is a citizens movement. People are showing up to initiate a dialogue with Rep. Mimi Walters to discuss current political events.

People will be coming from multiple organizations, but not if this press release goes out naming “Democratic Socialists of America” or any other group. If a press release goes to media outlets that has DSA’s name on it, many people will feel upset and feel used, and feel that we have taken a big step backwards in terms of optics and how this plays out. People will be upset if they find out that an event they attended was “hosted” by ANY particular organization.

Organizations that have been notified of this gathering tomorrow are saying that they will withdraw, and not show up if a DSA press release goes out.

No one group should dominate or “host.”

This is not a hosted event, this is a spontaneous gathering of citizens who learned about it from friends and social media. Citizens exercising their right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

People are coming tomorrow in response to political events, not because of any invitation, “host,” or involvement with any particular group.

Please do not represent others without their consent. Please do not tell media outlets that tomorrow’s gathering is on behalf of any particular group.

We do not want organizations and groups to feel that they have to issue counter press releases. Let’s stay united and focused on the issues instead of putting the spotlight on any particular organization.”

Additionally, if you ask her aides about the ad regarding “thanking” Walters on ACA repeal and a new healthcare plan, they simply refer you to the House Speaker’s webpage to read about a non-existent plan for healthcare reform.  There’s nothing to thank Mimi for and there is no specific plan to replace Obamacare.

But none of this outrage is stopping Mimi from Screaming for help.  See the email she sent below:


I have bad news for you, and I need you to respond quickly:

Today, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee officially named me as one of their top targets for 2018.

What this means is that House Democrats — led by Nancy Pelosi — will now be pouring every resource they have into defeating me and stealing a district that has been safely in Republican hands for decades.

We must get ahead of the imminent attacks, and I need you to help me by responding immediately with a donation of $25, $50, $75, $100 or even more to my campaign.

This is urgent, as our first fundraising deadline of the year is in less than 36 hours, and Democrats will be paying close attention to our reports.

Can I count on you?



I knew that when I took on the assignment of Deputy Chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee that I would have a fresh target on my back.

But today’s news confirms that House Democrats are gunning for me, and that Nancy Pelosi is threatened to have more Congressional Republican leadership here in California with her.

As much as I would love to dismiss being a top target, I cannot. With a narrowing registration gap in my district and an increasingly liberal statewide electorate, we could be vulnerable…

…that is, unless you and I do something about it right now.

That is why I’m calling upon you now to help me respond to being named a top Democratic target by making an urgent donation to my campaign of $25, $100, or even more.

As I mentioned, my first fundraising deadline of 2017 is tomorrow night at midnight. And as a top target I can’t afford to miss my goal.

Please chip in whatever you can today and help me defend my seat against the impending Democrat blitz.

Thank you for your support,

Mimi Walters


Paid for by Walters for Congress

In fairness, she’s not the only Congressional rep being targeted by the DCCC; Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and Rep. Darryl Issa are also on the list.

Democrat Doug Applegate narrowly lost to Issa in November; he’s already declared.  Perhaps Bao Nguyen could patch things up with colleagues he defriended on Facebook due to their support of Lou Correa for Congress to challenge Dana instead?  As for Mimi Walters, I’d like to see a strong candidate like Irvine’s Melissa Fox or Tustin’s Letitia Clark challenge her, but both have just started terms on their respective city councils.

The staff at Walters office says it may be late February before a Town Hall can be organized.  The crowds are only going to be bigger and louder.  Mimi may have to scream to be heard.


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  2. Ltpar Ltpar February 3, 2017

    Quit whining Dan, Mimi Walters is a Republican in a solid Republican District and she is doing what voters sent her to Washington to do. While the People’s Repuublic of Kalifornia may have gone over to the dark side, there are still pockets off rational people left. You Democrats need to get it through your heads, President Trump will be around for at least four years and chances of you retaking the Senate or House are slim and none.

    • Sharon Burke Sharon Burke February 18, 2017

      Actually, there are many citizens in district 45 who are shocked at Mimi Walter’s recent actions in support of Trump. Are there no principled Republicans willing to cast a vote for what is best for our country, rather than what they think is best for their own re-election chances? Orange County voted for Clinton. District 45 is full of immigrants. Who exactly is Mimi Walters representing? Voting the party line won’t go down well in places like Irvine. And people are not going to take this lying down.

  3. Dermott Dessert Dermott Dessert March 5, 2017

    I wonder if Soros will continue paying the protesters to show up. For the love of God, move on. Keep up the good work, cousin Mimi.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | March 5, 2017

      Soros is paying? How much and sign me up. Sign up those underemployed bloggers and commenters at the OJ blog too.

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