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OC GOP caves on Lopez in Anaheim; Believes what Mark Tells Them and Not What He Said

Al Jabbar (left), Mark Lopez (right) at Jose Moreno 2016 Campaign Kick Off

Republican District 5 Anaheim City Council candidate Mark Lopez has regained the support of the OC GOP, which suspended support last week over comments Lopez made at a candidate’s forum in which the official Republican candidate supported the concept of making Anaheim a sanctuary city without specifically using the term.  OC GOP chair Fred Whitaker appears to be taken Lopez at his word that what Lopez said at the Forum was not what he meant.

Lopez drew the ire of OC Republicans with his comments which were reported in Voice of OC and OC Weekly, who heard what we all heard when listening to Lopez’s remarks at the Forum.  He supported the very premise that sanctuary cities are based on.  The OC GOP agreed and suspended support for Lopez which kicked the candidate into damage control mode.

Lopez issued this robocall (cut and pasted from OC Daily):

“This is your Republican candidate Mark Lopez. I’m the only candidate for District 5 city council who will join with Mayor Tom Tait in opposing the city council’s $500 million tax giveaway to hotel developers. [Inaudible] developers are sending out last-minute campaign mailers with false attacks about my position on sanctuary city status for Anaheim. The attacks are a big lie because I oppose Anaheim becoming a sanctuary city. If you have any concerns about my views on this issue, please call me personally at 714-768-7169.

I am proud to have earned the endorsement of our Republican Mayor Tom Tait. Help us fight back against the corrupt hotel developers by voting for me, Mark Lopez, for Anaheim City Council.”

OC GOP chair Fred Whitaker apparently is the sort of leader who believes what you tell him instead of what he heard.  Lopez insists Anaheim shouldn’t be a sanctuary city.  And Whitaker believed him and has resume party support of a candidate who obviously changes his story based on who he’s speaking to and what they want to hear.

Democrats in Anaheim who cheered Lopez’s stance on “I won’t call it sanctuary city status but that’s what I support” have his cell phone number above to call the candidate and say “WTF?”  Especially since almost every photograph we see of Lopez, he’s hanging out with Democrats.


  1. Vern Nelson Vern Nelson November 2, 2016

    He doesn’t answer that number.

    If he does you could also ask him why he said he’s the only 5th district candidate who opposes the subsidies when he knows perfectly well that both Donna Acevedo-Nelson and Sandra Angel do; Donna for years, when Mark was still in Westminster.

    He’ll say anything to anybody.

  2. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski November 2, 2016

    Vern, that’s what I said…he’ll tell you what you want to hear.

    You might want to spend more time rehearsing with Donna; I hear her speak…your words, her poor preparation. Having talked with her on the phone, I know her word choices and speaking style. It’s painful to watch her try and read your note cards at debates and public comments. She needs better media training and you’re ill-equipped to offer it.

    • Austin Lynch Austin Lynch November 2, 2016

      Your comments on Donna are really nasty and offensive. They reflect badly on you as a person.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | November 3, 2016

        They are spot on actually; sorry you find them offensive. I really don’t care what opinion you have of me.

  3. OCDEM OCDEM November 2, 2016

    I overheard someone suggest last night that if he wins, Dr. Moreno should move to appoint Greg Diamond City Attorney.

    Then this person corrected themself and said:
    “Oh, I thought you said SH!TTY ATTORNEY”.
    He would have been a shoo in for that!

    What a lug.

  4. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski November 2, 2016

    and if Donna is, you are really electing Vern, Greg, Cynthia and Zenger to tell her how to vote and what to say

    • David Vasquez David Vasquez November 2, 2016

      How many Anna Drive residents OWN property on that block (circle)? I am told NONE. NONE. THERE IS ZERO OWNER OCCUPIED PROPERTIES ON ANNA DRIVE!
      This is an incredibly important FACT. Who owns these SLUMS, who manages them? Who is making the money off of these peoples HARD EARNED money?
      Maybe Gabriel San Ramon can look into this, it strikes me as incredible, that Vern, Donna, Yessina, the crazy wanna be Indian Chick and others BEG for school supplies, while feeding the mouths of the monsters they HATE.


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