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Bao Nguyen’s Official Congressional Announcement Today in Santa Ana


Garden Grove mayor Bao Nguyen will formally announce his candidacy for Congress tonight at the Copper Door in Santa Ana at 6PM.

Not sure is Bao is buying the beers or not, but I’m sure he’ll use his tri-lingual abilities to tell those in attendance why he’s best suited to replace Loretta Sanchez in Congress.  Bao doesn’t have a Congressional website up yet, while Brandman, Correa and Dunn all do.

Nguyen, former state senators Joe Dunn and Lou Correa, and Anaheim councilmember Jordan Brandman are the four Democrats running to replace Sanchez; all four attended the OC Labor Fed’s Labor Day festivities at the OC Fairgrounds.

Blocs are starting to emerge; Former OCEA chief Nick Berardino penned a piece supporting Dunn in Sunday’s OC Register, signaling a movement of labor towards Dunn’s campaign.  Correa is lining up support from Latino interests.  Brandman’s fundraisers have been well attended and he’s drawing support from moderates in the district.  Nguyen is going for the youth vote, Vietnamese voters in the district and will draw some support from the district LGBTQ community.  Nguyen and Irvine Council member Lynn Schott, a Republican, do not reside in the district.  With four Democrats from OC in the race, Schott may very well secure one f the top two slots in November.

It always comes down to who gets the vote out.


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  1. Jorge Curioso Jorge Curioso September 9, 2015

    Lou seems to be building momentum. Most people in this largely transitional living district don’t know Joe Dunn. Carlos Bustamante could run even while facing rape and kidnapping charges (and he’d have, I suppose Benavides support) could make the top two.

    I believe you were correct, that this is a profile builder for Bao, he stands no chance. How many gay asians can elect a carpetbagger with little or no record of accomplishment against Dunn and Correa?

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