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Bao Nguyen gets BlueAmericaBlog Endorsement for Congress

Bao Nguyen, Garden Grove Mayor
Bao Nguyen, Garden Grove Mayor

BlueAmerica, a very good liberal political blog, has endorsed Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen for CD-46 in Orange County. And they’ve featured Nguyen on a page for national political contributions by making the case the Democrats who lost in 2014 were, “The Beltway Establishment Democrats lost huge numbers of seats in the past 4 years– but the overwhelming majority of them were Blue Dogs, New Dems and other corporate conservatives. Progressives– incumbents like Alan Grayson, Barbara Lee and Mark Pocan and challengers like Ted Lieu and Bonnie Watson Coleman– did very well. This cycle we aim to elect even more progressives to the House.”

From BlueAmerica:

“With Loretta Sanchez running for the U.S. Senate, Orange County’s 46th congressional district is will be an open seat in 2016. It’s a solidly blue district (D+9) and Obama won it with 59% in 2008 and with 61% in 2012. The district includes Santa Ana, Anaheim and Orange and the voters are overwhelmingly Hispanic-Americans and Asian-Americans. Although there may be as many as 10 Democrats interested in running,

Blue America has endorsed the most progressive of the lot, Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen, an openly gay Vietnamese immigrant who arrived in this country when he was just three months old.”

Nguyen was asked about the anti-Immigrant stance that virtually every GOP Presidential candidate has taken and his comments were direct and to the point:

“As an American immigrant it disgusts me when I hear how Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, and the other Republican Presidential candidates have been talking about immigrants. It’s despicable, and disgraceful. Immigrants are the backbone of this country. They built this country and continue to add to it in so many ways. I was born in a refugee camp, and came to this country when I was three months old. We didn’t have much– let’s be honest, we were just poor. But we found a welcoming and supportive community of all nationalities and backgrounds, and with help and hard work, I was able to build a life here in California. But my story is no different from that of millions of immigrants who came to America in search of a better life– who knew they needed to work hard and play by the rules in order to get a fair shot at the American Dream. We need to celebrate the accomplishments of our immigrant neighbors, and we need to bring everyone out of the shadows, so they can be full participants in the American Dream.
But instead, Trump and the rest of the GOP Primary Clown car have started to bang the drums of fear and hate to alienate and divide our nation and it’s CITIZENS. As the discourse has gone more and more into the gutter, even the relatively ‘moderate’ GOP candidates have joined this chorus of hate. You may have heard the derogatory term “anchor babies” returning again, as it has in past debates about immigrations. Sadly, Republicans have resorted to an age old tactic to galvanize the extremist fringe of their party, by calling for stricter crackdowns on undocumented immigrants, primarily from Latin America, who they claim are trying to take advantage of America’s policy of birthright citizenship under the 14th amendment.”


  1. David Vasquez David Vasquez September 2, 2015

    I like Bao. I think he is an up and commer in the progressive movement, if not the Democratic Party.

    He is certainly ambitious, which is common for todays upward mobile politico’s. I struggle with his lack of tenure, experience and frankly his exploitative announcement of his sexuality. If he were truly transparent, honest and committed to LGBT issues he should have run in them and come out before hand. It makes no difference to me but, when you win an election in a small town by 15 votes (carried by conservative Asian voters). It makes you wonder if the guy is full of sh!t.
    I believe Bao has his heart in the right place, but has listened to advisors who are way out there….politically and in reality.

    FIRST, The guy doesn’t even live in the district. (This should be a NO VOTE even if he was running against Hitler).

    SECOND, Bao has been mayor for eight months. Come one.

    THIRD, Looking at the demographics of the district he is in this to LOSE.

    Somebody talk sense into this kid. He is going to F-UP the whole thing. Then again….maybe thats the plan????

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | September 2, 2015

      Getting in the race does position him to challenge Andrew Do for First District Supervisor

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