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JLAC Hearing fails on 9-3 Vote to Investigate; Appeal Expected

Great Park Ballon Ride - Photo: Violeta Vaqueiro
Great Park Ballon Ride – Photo: Violeta Vaqueiro

I know the headline doesn’t make sense, but majority rules isn’t always the rule of law.

The Joint Legislative Audit Committee voted 9-3 to send the Great Park Investigation to the State Auditor, but the measure failed by two votes because at least four votes each were required by the Assembly representatives and Senate members. All seven assembly repreentatives voted to ask for the audit.  There were two votes by the Senate to investigate Irvine’s Republican majority and three votes for no.  There was one not voting and one not present.

Hardly a resounding victory for Irvine’s Republican council majority and one that warrants an appeal that San Diego-based Gafcon has promised due to outright lies told by Anthony Taylor of the law firm Aleshire and Wynder.  Among them, that there’s an FBI investigation into the Great Park audit that the FBI won’t confirm and no one at City Hall seems to know anything about.  City Manager Sean Joyce cannot confirm an FBI or DA’s investigation, other than the DA asked for copies of records and statements.  Weak sauce.

Taylor also claimed 80 percent of Irvine’s residents supported the investigation — likely using a partisan poll from Dick Ackerman’s “Irvine Cares” group not known for accuracy.  If the last election was any barometer, it’s likely 50-50 at best.

Taylor continues to call himself the City’s Special Council when he was hired by the now dissolved audit subcommittee of Christina Shea and Jeff Lalloway and there’s no renewal of Taylor’s contract with the city by the city council.

If the JLAC members relied on Taylor’s “facts” they need to know they were lied to and need to reconsider this opinion.


  1. Ltpar Ltpar April 24, 2015

    Read em and weep Dan, you played you hand and there were no Aces in it. It appears that even though made up primarily of Democrats the Legislative Audit Committee is still ruled by a few who have common sense. They likely asked themselves the question, why should they divert a portion of their scarce resources away from legitimate investigations to one serving no one but a campaign contributor? One could also surmise that Gafcon and their pimps in Sacramento did not financially grease enough skids to get the decision all you Agranistas were hoping for. Better luck next time and as the Irvine motto goes, “It’s just another day in Paradise.”

  2. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski April 24, 2015

    Pat —
    There is no FBI investigation. There is no criminal DA investigation. The DA asked for copies of documents and if they aren’t going after Miguel Pulido in Santa Ana, they won’t go after the Great Park.

    80% of Irvine residents didn’t support Taylor’s investigation. If Mr. Taylor is referring to the annual audit passed last November that’s a different animal altogether.

    The city sent a lobbyist without direction from the city council. Taylor was paid more to represent that city in Sacramento. Who approved this stuff?

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