Vanguard University Withdraws from Tuition Partnership with County

Photo Credit: Vanguard University
Photo Credit: Vanguard University
Photo Credit: Vanguard University

H/T Voice of OC

The evangelical Christian school Vanguard University withdrew a reduced tuition deal with the County of Orange last week after an employee filed a complaint alleging the partnership violates the county’s nondiscrimination policy.

Voice of OC first reported on the controversy earlier this month. Supervisors asked their county counsel to research the issue after press inquiries.

The University cancelled the partnership “due to concerns voiced by a few county citizens,” according to an Oct. 21 letter from Lettie Cowie, Vanguard’s Vice President for Business Operations.

Chris Prevatt
Chris Prevatt

The employee voicing those concerns was our Publisher, Chris Prevatt.

In a Facebook recommendation/comment on the Voice of OC story this morning Prevatt wrote: “Looks like that Vanguard figured that their relationship with the county wasn’t a good fit.”

From the article:

“I’m pleased that the county’s relationship with Vanguard will soon end. I hope that the county takes this opportunity to revisit its policy, and add a requirement for their tuition partners to abide by state nondiscrimination laws in the delivery of their services,” Prevatt said.

Read the full story here.

Here is a link to the Letter from Vanguard University.


  1. Doesn’t Chris live in Los Angeles County?

    Not being negative but, that is curios and makes me wonder if there was more to this than we know.

    CP has long been a vocal critic of what he see’s as wrong. But, strange that again OC needs to depend on outsiders to act.

    • Kevin,

      While Chris does live in Long Beach, he works for the County of Orange. His concerns were related to discrimination against County employees. As Publisher of this blog, Chris is actively engaged in the political environment of Orange County.

  2. Wonder who the big loser is in this sorry scenario? It certainly isn’t Vanguard University, who was doing the employees a favor by providing reductions in tuition. It wasn’t the County employees, who because of Chris Prevatt have lost their tuition discount. Well, the only party left to benefit is Chris Prevett who has now rammed his philosophy down the throats of Vanguard and the County employees. Congratulations Chris, I am sure your big success will be a hit with your co-workers and enhance the popularity of the gay rights cause?

  3. Typical of the liberal mentality and the pro gay agenda. If you don’t think like me you are not allowed to exist. Just hurts County workers who would chose that option. Tolerance that the left preaches is certainly not practiced.

    I think it’s time for people to worry about what they themselves are doing and not worry so much about someone else. I don’t see much difference between a right wing religious crazy and Chris. Both want to restrict your freedom.

    Remember when everyone thought the Libertarians were crazy. All of you nuts on the ends make them look like the voice of reason now.

  4. How is support of state and county nondiscrimination laws ramming a pro-gay agenda down the throats of the public? Once again, conservatives see subversive conspiracies where none exist. And, believe me, people still think libertarians are out there. When we live in a world that requires no regulation–you know the magical, fairy dust world of the libertarian where planes never crash and factories never pollute–I’ll start listening to you. Until then, go on living in your heads. I’ll keep living in the real world.

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