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Speak Out! on LiberalOC

Whether you are a Liberal, Progressive, or Democrat, and have something to say about political issues affecting your city, Orange County, California, or the United States, we want to give you the opportunity to Speak Out.

Our current blog team is in need of a few new voices to help spice up the discussion around here. So we’re looking for people interested in blogging on With redistricting, our local elections are shaping up to be interesting political free-for-all’s. Your voice is needed to help cover the large number of political contests and issues this year.

So if you feel passionately about politics and would like to give writing for LiberalOC a shot, regularly or just periodically, please drop an email to us at and we can get you started with your own little soap-box and megaphone.

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  1. Carole Santa Maria Carole Santa Maria May 9, 2012

    This recall is a just the vehicle Bushala needs to get his own people on the council! No way do I want him or any of his people in my city. He’s trying to take over our town, put his people in positions of power, so he can line his own pockets. He’s a bad man!! Rotten to the core! Travis Kiger is a JOKE and Bushala has him on a leash, following orders, doing tricks, and dangling the “carrot” of being on the council as his reward to continue doing Bushala’s bidding. Kiger is nothing more than a puppet with Bushala pulling the strings!! There are way too many idiots in politics and we don’t want to add to the circus! DO NOT VOTE FOR KIGER OR WHITAKER-KEEP OUR CITY FROM RUIN as we don’t need any more clowns in our town!

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