Q&A with Joe Dovinh

Joseph "Joe" Dovinh
Joseph "Joe" Dovinh

We caught up with Joe Dovinh at Jose Solorio’s birthday party fundraiser and he confirmed that he was a candidate for the assembly’s new 72nd district.  It’s already shaping up as a crowded field, but Dovinh can certainly sneak into the two two if Matt Harper and Tyler Diep split the Republican vote and Dovinh runs a smarter campaign than his last race. 

Joe DoVinh and his son

Dovinh was at the Solorio fundraiser with his wife Dina Nguyen, a former candidate for the BoS, and their adorable baby making Joe the only candidate in attendance pushing a baby stroller.  He formally announced his candidacy  earlier this month.

We posed some questions for Dovinh.  The Q&A is below:

1. Why did you decide to run?

The newly redrawn 72 district presents new challenges and opportunities for voters as well as candidates.  I am running on an agenda to “Bring Back the American Dream” for all Californians.  We can start fresh and rebuild our State, one community at a time.

2. What do you bring to voters the other candidates do not?

My experience as a business owner and general contractor gives me a broad understanding of the critical role that small business and entrepreneurs play in creating jobs and sustaining a healthy economy.  As a family man, I share the difficulties with most of us in the middle class, who are struggling to keep our jobs, to provide for our children, to afford health care and higher education.  These are the same priorities that I will bring to Sacramento.  I will be an advocate for the working men and women of our district.  I will work hard to represent our interests and concerns in the State Assembly.

3. You are married to a former candidate for BoS who is a Republican;how do you expect this to play with Democrats?

There are many families with members registered both Democrat and Republican.  There are also some 20% of registered voters who “Decline To State”, or view themselves as independent.  This is not a time for partisan politics.  My agenda to “Bring Back the American Dream” for all Californians is a bi-partisan agenda.  It will take all of us working together to overcome the economic crisis that we are in right now.

4. Who has endorsed you so far?

I pride myself in being endorsed by everyday people.  I have many supporters who have signed endorsement papers for my campaign for Assembly.  Also I have received numerous endorsements from elected officials, former candidates, and community leaders.  The list is growing in numbers every day and will be updated on my website www.JOEDOVINH.com, due to launch in mid-November.

  5. Describe your political philosophy?

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Washington.  I had put myself through college by working in union shops.  My campaign is “of the people, by the people, for the people”.  To me, the people always come first.  I want to be the people’s candidate. 

6. What local office holders do you most respect and why?

I respect the voters and their choice of elected officials.  I respect the office that elected officials hold.  I believe that elected officials are honorable people even though I do not always agree with their politics.  I do not believe in siding with favorites.  Like any voter, I evaluate people by their words,actions and by the results that they are able to achieve for their constituents.  It’s time that office holders show more respect for their voters by working harder to resolve issues that confront us all, instead of playing politics and peddling influence.  Whoever could do that would win my respect.