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Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal; Good Old Boys Club

Gerald Sandusky’s career and reputation are ruined. No doubt his family is devastated and his relationship with them forever altered due to his predatory sexual behavior. It all pales in comparison to the devastation that the victims of this creep will carry for the rest of their lives. Childhood sexual abuse colors the lives of the children affected in negative ways for as long as they live. My hope is they will get the help they need and if  Sandusky is found guilty he will get what he deserves for his disgusting behavior.


Gerald Arthur "Jerry" Sandusky

I am as appalled by all the adults who enabled Sandusky in continuing his predatory sexual behavior by not reporting him to the police immediately. What kind of depraved, cowardly adults behave this way? And why? Did they allow those boys, and no doubt many more who will go unreported, to “take one for the team?” I think so. The good old boys at Penn State were watching each others backs at any cost. They are the lowest kind of men who walk on this earth and I don’t have a shred of mercy for any of them. Nothing less than life in prison is appropriate for Sandusky. That will never happen, but I can dream can’t I?

The following is the Grand Jury Report for your information on the investigation and subsequent inditement. I only wish the enablers would be criminally charged  as well instead of just losing their jobs. I don’t care how old they are, or “what nice guys” they are reputed to be, or how long ago it happened. Their willingness to look the other way not only gave their stamp of approval for Sandusky’s acts, but made them a party to them.

Grand Jury Report