Bachmann and that John Wayne Spirit

This story went a little viral yesterday. It seems that Michele Bachmann has the same innate ability as Sarah Palin to eat her shoes.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is acknowledging “misspeaking” occasionally, including wrongly claiming that actor John Wayne was from her Waterloo, Iowa hometown, but says she’s “a substantive, serious person” who would be a good president.

On the eve of formally announcing her candidacy, Bachman flubbed her hometown history in declaring “John Wayne was from Waterloo” and “that’s the kind of spirit that I have, too.”

The actor was born nearly 150 miles away. It was the serial killer John Wayne Gacy Jr. who lived, for a time, in Waterloo.

This is so much fun. Here is the story from Huffington Post.


  1. How many “news” stations carried Obama’s “57 states” comment?

    I saw that video for the first time – I swear to ___ BHO came off as a f**king moron. No offense intended – ’cause it’s the truth.

  2. Bachmann does more than “misspeak”. She intentionally (ignorantly) bends the truth and distorts history to meet her needs. That’s a little more serious than failing her hometown geography.

    • Michelle Bachmann is not ignorant. Tell me one politician that does not shape the facts to suit there constituencies – Ted Kennedy perhaps? ha – ha – ha – ha – ha !!

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