New Voice of OC Video Highlights Santa Ana’s Lack of Public Parks; Gang Presence


The Voice of OC has produced an excellent video that calls out Santa Ana as having the highest population density-to-lack of park space ratio in the United States.  And the story points out that even with the limited park space available, many residents fear the presence of gangs or must travel some distance to access parks.

With all the calls for dog parks in the city, shouldn’t parks for people take priority?

The video speaks to the issue better than anything I can say about it.  So check it out at the link above.


  1. Great video. As our children are forced to play on concrete backalleys and small apartment courtyards. Our City is now considering using Willowick golf course for a stadium instead of a nice park. Someone in city hall must be getting paid by the truckload of cement as that is the future of our city. Cement where there should be grass. How long will we continue to neglect our children.

  2. Great video!

    Those running against the current mayor and council in 2010 should have used a video like this and highlighted the lack of parks in their campaigns.

  3. Thank heavens for people like you Thomas, someone that has the abilities to see the issues from all angles. You have a way with the spoken words something that I lack.
    Some of the other issues is that they lock up the fields, and are only opened to the soccer leagues that purchase time on the fields these regulations are all under the Municipal codes of Santa Ana. You cannot have a picnic in the park, unless you get a permit, you cannot throw balls fly kites. A majority of the picnic tables have been taken out of our parks, You know elderly people in the poorest areas use these parks to socialize since the picnic tables have been taken out they have no place to sit and watch their grandkids. I guess these families are a burden on the City Budget.

  4. Look at the parks we have…the kids and parents distroy them. They leave their trash, distroy trees and grass, distroy bathrooms, distroy precious picnic tables and leave condoms.
    A stadium brings in $$$$ to pay for the parks that you don’t know how to take care of or respect. Stop pointing the fingers at others and look in the mirror!!

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