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Five Years and Still Here

This week TheLiberalOC Celebrates it’s Fifth Year. We also have reached the milestone of 6,000 published posts. The first official post landed on the Internet on April 26, 2006.

Pretty good for a blog started with posts about Tan Nguyen’s vandalized Congressional Campaign signs. When Mike Lawson started this thing he just wanted to push back against the right-wing in Orange County and let them know that there are liberals in Orange County and they can write too.

Now, five years later we can honestly say that it has been well worth the effort. Our team of volunteers has pulled together some really good stories, had a heck of a lot of fun every April Fool’s Day, and picked up an award or two along the way.

I want to particularly thank Dan Chmielewski for his dedication and support. He was here at the beginning and we would likely not be here still if it wasn’t for him. Of course, we wouldn’t even have had this platform if it wasn’t for Mike Lawson’s inspiration and creativity. We miss you Mike.

Thanks to our entire blog team, both current and past for your time, effort and creativity. Without you and our readers, the Republicans would have all the fun.

Happy Birthday, and Thanks!!!


  1. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski April 29, 2011

    Many thanks to everyone who’s blogged for us over the years and to our readers who have stuck by us through thick and thin, truth and rumor, word and deed. Thank you for recognizing this blog is a labor of love and if we’re not covering your issue of interest, well, there are so many hours in the day and we have jobs, families and friends who demand our time too.

  2. lefty lefty April 29, 2011

    Happy 5th Anniversary!

    To me – it’s not about the parties – it’s about the people.

  3. keepdapeace keepdapeace April 29, 2011

    Happy birthday, LOC. You are the libs I love to hate. Like Lefty said, it’s about the people.

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