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Disney’s New Motion Comics on Holocaust Featured at Wizard World’s Anaheim ComicCon

I’m a firm believe in the power of comics to attract young readers and, at times, effectively communicate complex concepts to impressionable youths.  At this weekend’s WizardWorld Anaheim ComicCon at the Anaheim Convention Center, the folks at Disney are using the power of motion comics to educate young and old readers about the Holocaust. 

The screening of this new series created by Disney will be held Sunday and features comics legend Stan Lee and noted Batman writer Neal Adams.  It’s advised to get in line 30 minutes before the show starts.



Comic book legends Stan Lee and Neal Adams have teamed up with Disney Educational Productions and Holocaust historian Dr. Rafael Medoff to create “They Spoke Out: American Voices of Protest Against the Holocaust,” a series of motion comics that are changing the way the Holocaust is taught in the United States.  On Sunday, May 1, we will commemorate international Holocaust Remembrance Day with Dr. Medoff presenting the first episode of this remarkable new series, narrated by Lee and illustrated by Adams. “Messenger from Hell” tells the amazing story of a Polish courier who smuggled himself into a Nazi death camp, and then made his way to the U.S. to alert Americans about the genocide. (Room A)

 And while it’s great when Comics have a message, the first Anaheim ComicCon was a huge success.  Here are details on this year’s show

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