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Moorlach is ALL TALK about pensions – except for his

We followed up with the Orange County Employee’s Retirement System, like the county’s public information officer suggested, to find out what Supervisor John M. W. Moorlach’s pension status is. As expected, according to OCERS, that information is confidential.

Chicken Little John Moorlach

When faced with the opportunity to dump his defined-benefit pension plan Mr. Moorlach is more Chicken Little than Pension Reform Advocate. I have been asking since September whether he will take the opportunity to reverse his participation in the County pension plan for the past four years and stay out for his next four years in office.

To date, he won’t say what he doing. His opportunity to opt-out of the plan expires one month after taking his oath of office for his new term as 2nd District Supervisor. That oath was taken on January 11, 2011. I have publicly posted this question; I have sent requests to his district office; and my colleague Dan Chmielewski has submitted a public records request to find out what he plans to do. On his personal pension reform opportunity he ain’t talking.

Apparently Supervisor Moorlach is all talk when it comes to pensions. He wants to continue to waste taxpayer money on a flawed lawsuit to overturn negotiated pension benefits and he has no problem with the concept of ending defined-benefit pension plans for public employees except for his.

Moorlach wrote on August 23, 2010:

“I do not view the defined contribution pension plan solution as a “boondoggle.”  It is the appropriate course of action for the long-term financial wellbeing of every governmental entity at the city, county and state levels.”

What Supervisor Moorlach means of course is that he has his defined-benefit pension, he won’t give it up, and he doesn’t want any one else to have the same benefit he has. John Moorlach just can’t seem to lead by example on the issue of pension reform.

It would be nice it he had the integrity to come out and tell people that.

I’m not going to hold my breath.


  1. junior junior February 8, 2011

    THAT’S what Bob Citron kept saying!!

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