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Posts published in February 2011

LA Times: The Bailouts Worked

Daily, I get chain emails from Republican friends ranging from the socialism and Marxism of the President and the Democratic Party.  Usually, these notes are…

James Rainey on Civil Discourse by Commenters

Chip Hanlon’s Red County post about censorship by the Fullerton School District in blocking the Friends for Fullerton’s Future was an excellent post not only…

Rachel Maddow spells out what’s at stake in Wisconsinstan

[youtube][/youtube] MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and her team are exceptional journalists. To wit, they have connected the attempts of Gov. Walker in Wisconsin with his pretext…

Working People In Orange County To Stand As One Against Attacks On The Middle Class

On Thursday Feb. 24, working people from throughout Orange County will hold a candlelight vigil to stand together in solidarity with the people of Wisconsin and all working people to defend against attacks on the middle class. Participants will stand with Wisconsin families who are fighting to protect their own basic right to collectively bargain.