KOCE airing a report on “abuses in Santa Ana City Hall” Thursday

KOCE-TV reporter David Nazar will be airing a report on possible “abuses at Santa Ana City Hall” tomorrow at 5:30 PM and repeating the story at 11PM. 

Some of the examples cited include:

  • The $337,779 severance package for city attorny Joe Fletcher when it “appears Fletcher resigned.”
  • The robocall made by Police Chief Paul Walters in support of Mayor Miguel Pulido.
  • The $500,000 “success fee” Pulido was to be in line to receive in a deal tied to the sale of state-owned property.
  • And votes made the city council members on a development project after having received campaign contributions. Council member Sal Tinajero told the OC Register in a September 2010 story that city staffers assured him…that the soccer-league donation was his only potential conflict of interest.  From the story: “They contacted him (Tinajero) again on Tuesday morning, after the Register asked about his contributions from Voit.  “Ultimately, the buck stops with me, and I know that,” he said. “But it’s their job, their full-time job” to watch for potential conflicts of interest.”  Actually, city staff isn’t supposed to be monitoring the campaign contributions made toe city council candidates. 

The report cites the complaints made by several Latino organizations who have called for investigations into practices of Santa Ana city government and more transparency in city government.


  1. I don’t give a rats ASS what they say about me – the stupid voters in Santa Ana will keep voting me and my rotten crew into office.

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