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OCEA and Senator Lou Correa Team Up for People’s Inauguration Party

SANTA ANA – The Orange County Employees Association is bringing their legendary hot dog wagon to the State Capitol grounds on January 3,2011, for an inauguration party celebrating the election of the People’s Governor, Jerry Brown.

Jerry Brown - Photo OCEA

The party, for the people of California, will be held on the lawn in front of the State Capitol and is open to everyone as we celebrate Governor Jerry Brown’s victory as California’s 39th Governor. The event is being hosted by OCEA and Sen. Lou Correa.

The party is a testament to Brown’s lifelong commitment to representing the interests of working people in California.

The OCEA hot dog wagon will be on hand to grill free hot dogs for the public. Chips and water also will be provided.

Where: North Capitol Lawn, L Street Side

When: Monday, January 3, 2011 from noon to 2 p.m.

Who: Gov. Jerry Brown and the people of California


  1. junior junior December 28, 2010

    ” .. the People’s Governor, Jerry Brown.”

    And hot dogs, … there has to be a humorous punch-line in there.

    Oh yeah .. Gavin Newsome – him too.

  2. Barbara Glass Barbara Glass December 28, 2010

    I just heard on the radio that they are serving bottled water…why aren’t the enviromental groups up in arms? That should be illegal to produce all that plastic.

  3. cook cook December 29, 2010

    Hot Dogs and Water.

    After the show, you know the law makers will retire to the taxpayer funded parties costing tens of thousnads of dollars.

    This will be their “Last Hooray”

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