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Free Thanksgiving Dinners in OC: Tell Us Where They Are

The tough economy still has a number of families hurting this Thanksgiving.  And for many, even the modest cost of the traditional Turkey dinner is cost prohibitive. 

I did a quick search to find out which charities and churches would be hosting free Thanksgiving dinners for needy families and came up with a lot of stories from 2009. As a public service for our readers and county residents who need some help, we’re inviting local charities and community groups to post details on their free Thanksgiving dinners for the needy here in comments.

Be sure to identify the name of the charity, the compleet address and phone number and email address that folks can contact to confirm, and list the times the dinners will be served.  In addition, area food banks are also running empty this holiday season.  With so many grocery stories offering deals on produce (Albertson’s 5 lb bag of potatoes for 69 cents) and two-for-one turkey specials, if area food banks want to list what items are needed and where to drop them off, please post details here.

Be Thankful for what you have and don’t forget those who could use some help and compassion during this time of year.

(Photo courtesy of OC Register)

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  1. Howard be my name Howard be my name November 22, 2010

    Capo Beach Calvary church will serve a free Thanksgiving dinner for anyone who wants it at noon Thursday at 25975 Domingo Ave., Capistrano Beach. If you would like to donate food or help prepare and serve the dinner, call 949-683-4522.

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