Beth Krom Gets Endorsement from State Senator Lou Correa

(photo courtesy of Lou Delgado)

Oh for the love of Facebook! The congressional campaign of Beth Krom today received a key endorsement from State Senator Lou Correra.  Since Senator Correa is clearly part of the more moderate side of the Democratic Party, this endorsement is certain to help Krom among independents and moderate Republicans in CD-48, a district that went for President Obama in 2008.

From Beth’s Facebook posting:

“Today I’m proud to announce my campaign has been endorsed by California Senator Lou Correa! Thank you Senator Correa, and all of you who stand behind my campaign.”

Beth has been racking up some national media of late with a recent appearance on the Thom Hartman radio program.  Couple this with a strong fundraising quarter, and absolutely no word from the Campbell camp that they have *any* intention of debating her, Krom’s campaign is gaining pre-Labor Day momentum.

And John Campbell is still under investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics for votes related to issues his contributors have a vested interest in, as the New York Times reported last week.  Rep. Campbell is being investigated by the OCE for fundraising immediately before voting on the 2009 financial regulatory reform bill and for the circumstances surrounding the withdrawal of Rep. Mel Watt’s amendment to the financial regulatory reform bill.  Not only did Campbell openly opposed the amendment for extending oversight to auto dealerships, that provide car financing, once the amendment was withdrawn Rep. Campbell praised Rep. Watt on the house floor.  Campbell also added an amendment to the financial reform bill exempting car dealers from oversight.  Campbell is a former car dealer himself and has received considerable funding from this industry.


  1. “so what has Campbell done to deserve re-election; name one thing.”

    Dan – He is not democrat – that’s it. That, apparently, is enough in the land of tranquility known as Irvine.

  2. The Senator’s name is spelled CORREA.
    I’ve noticed a pattern with Dan in which he regularly misspells the surnames of Latino elected officials who he dislikes, even after being corrected. Odd…

    • And I fixed the typo in the text too; and I like Senator Correa, so I don’t know where you think I don’t. For what it’s worth, I always have to double check the spelling of Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang’s first name. I sometimes transpose the k and h. And I have typed “Rosa Espinosa” when I meant Rose. I have also spelled Steven Choi’s name as Stephen. It this enough disclosure for you?

  3. Dan, aren’t any of us perfect, and since I comment on Sukhee frequently, I have the same problem. Add to that, these computers sometimes developing a mind of their own and it’s double trouble?

    Now, I a may be missing something here, and am confident you will enlighten me on it. Correa, regardless of being a Liberal, Moderate or even Conservative, is still a Democrat. He has been a consistent part of the Democrat Gang in Sacramento, that brought California to the verge of bankruptcy. Knowing that, why would any Independent or moderate Republican bear him any credibility whatsoever?

    You can dress Beth Krom in all the disguises you want, put lipstick on her lips, but anyway you slice the bread, she is still a liberal Democrat. Worse than that and while you don’t agree, Krom has never done anything in her career that wasn’t approved by Larry Agran. Deny it till the cows come home, but show me when she has crossed Agran and I will show you Beth getting her ears slapped back. Add to this, she is a member of the Great Park Board whose dismal performance, corrupt business practices and political favortism has burned through close to 200 million dollars of taxpayer money. Meanwhile, we are still without one single field, picnic area or blade of grass at the not so Great Park. This, along with the wastful spending at the City of Irvine is the “merit badge” Beth has to wear on her uniform. Now on a positive note, I recognize that all these failures makes Beth highly qualified to join her Democrat friends in Congress. Unfortunately, for Beth, voter turnout will be much less than in 2008, there will be a substantial anation wide backlash against Democrat candidates at all levels, and more Republicans are likely to vote to make a last ditch effort to save the country.

    Spin it as you will, “Dan the Man,” but unfortunately, we have at least two more years to live with Beth Krom in Irvine. After that, who knows?

    • Dan, since I cut back on coffee after my heart attack in 2001, I can tell you I now love hot tea. It is great and my favorite is Black Current. I have gotten so use to drinking tea, I am seriously thinking about formally joining the Tea Party Movement to have meaningful discussions on the various types of tea and good old fashioned conservative politics. I suggest you hold this question until after the election in only fifteen weeks.

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