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OCRegister Endorses Nelson based on a Single Issue

I read today that the Orange County Register has endorsed 4th District Supervisor Candidate Shawn Nelson. I cannot say that I am surprised, and their reasons given flow with their editorial desk’s general anti-public employee stance. But what their endorsement also does is clarify what we’ve always suspected. The political position of the editorial board places the alignment of a candidate’s position above honesty and integrity of that candidate.  If Satan were running for the Fourth Distrcit supervisor’s race against Jesus Christ, Allah and Budha and Satan were the only anti-public employees union candidate, we’re certain the Register’s editorial board would endorse the dark lord himself (with apologies to Mike Schroeder for using his trademark to refer to Satan).

R. Shawn Nelson, Fullerton City Council

Nelson provides a case to prove the point. We have reported that Shawn Nelson went A.W.O.L. from a Special Council meeting to address city budget reductions so that he could attend his own campaign fundraiser. The Register’s editorial writers ignored the story. Given the importance of the budget at the county level, one would think that they would at least make mention of his priorities. Nah, Nelson’s anti-union.

Earlier this week we reported on Shawn Nelson lying to the Orange County Register’s news reporters about his involvement with the Sky Lounge in Brea where he denied any involvement with the business, yet we produced documents in an eviction suit for the business clearly demonstrate his significant financial and management involvement. So much for the honesty and integrity of a candidate, as long as he’s anti-public employees union.

Nelson told the Register that his law firm was not seeking criminal defense business, while at the same time he made the claim, he was advertising his firm via direct mail to local attorneys seeking referrals of criminal cases. As a partner, one would think Nelson would have knowledge of the marketing effort since he has to fund it.  No coverage from the Register’s editorial desk.

When the Orange County Register Editorial Board supports a candidate, it appears the candidate can do just about anything as long as he’s Republican, conservative, anti-union.  At least Fox News tries to offer token Democrats to create an illusion of “fair and balanced” reporting.  We wish we could say the same about the Register’s editorial desk.