TheLiberalOC’s Top Story of 2009

We have had some pretty interesting stories over the past year. Some we broke, others we just covered. From Westminster City Councilman Andy “Smiley” Quach and his DUI to Assemblyman “Open Mike” Duvall’s romps with a lobbyist it has been an eventful year.

But our top story of 2009 based upon unique visitors was from the month of December 2009.

Irvine Council Member Steven Choi Embarrasses Himself and City at Truman Dinner

Irvine City Council member Steven Choi with a banner on his back showing Speaker Pelosi as Stalin (credit

With more than 3270 unique page views, Councilman Choi’s slimy antics at the December 4th Truman Award Dinner floated to the top of the list. While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered a keynote address to more than 530 OC democrats, Steven Choi paraded around the hotel lobby, which he gained access to by virtue of his position as an Irvine Council member, with a poster of an image depicting Pelosi as Josef Stalin pinned to his back.

In addition to being number 1 in unique visits, this same post had tha all-time greatest number of comments (160).

So congratulations Dr. Choi. Just like a thick slick of crude oil, you’ve floated to the top.


  1. The post was picked up by, and Drudge Report. Choi is using the post and the incident to raise funds. He ought to get down on his knees and thank us for this post because it’s catapulted him to the top of the GOP AD-70 race; Jerry Amante is going to have to tattoo Obama as Hitler to his back to get the same sort of response.

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