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Health Care March on Campbell’s Office Draws Hundreds

I was unable to get over to today’s Health Care March in Newport Beach. Fortunately, Martin Wisckol over at the Register was and posted about it on Total Buzz.

Health-care reformers rally in Newport Beach

Protesters showed up outside Rep. Campbell's office to voice opinions on health-care reform.
Protesters showed up outside Rep. Campbell's office to voice opinions on health-care reform.

After two local town halls focusing on Democrats’ heath-care reform proposal attracted more opponents than backers, advocates for a public health-insurance option took to the streets today to get their message out.

But they weren’t alone. While opponents were outnumbered by roughly 3-1, about 100 foes of the government-run option countered with signs and chants of their own on the opposite street corner on Fashion Island, outside the building that houses the district office of Rep. John Campbell, R-Newport Beach.

One aspect of the debate many on both sides of the street agreed on: The current health-care system is not working well. Read the complete post here.

The Register also posted the following video of the march.

The organizers of the Health March sent out a video as well:



  1. Ben Ben September 10, 2009

    I got an automated call at 8:20 this evening from an unidentified source saying that I should go to something by 8:45 to participate in some kind of on-line forum on health care reform. Had I enough advance notice to actually act upon that notice, I would have logged on to voice my SUPPORT for a public option as a part of health care reform. But what is curious to me is that I should even receive such a call. I live in the 951 area code, which is clearly far outside the Orange county district that Campbell represents. Since it’s a land-line, there’s really no justification for thinking I might be a constituent. Why then, would I be a target for a call to Campbell’s constituents? Unless, perhaps, some special interest group were trying to draw support from ANY source – even those outside Campbell’s sphere of influence – to give the impression of a wider base of support.

  2. Response to Ben Response to Ben September 10, 2009

    Ben, I think the call was an invitation to a phone conference call with Tom Campbell, candidate for Governor of California.

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