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Special Election: The No’s have it 5-1

Early results show what was expected for today’s Special Election.

1A          NO
1B           NO
1C           NO
1D           NO
1E           NO

1F          YES

Public Services are screwed.

Here is the link to the Secretary of State Results page:


  1. Eric Cooper Eric Cooper May 20, 2009

    Many liberals in the OC, such myself don’t agree with your assesment, Chris. Making the sales tax and vehicle taxes permanent (which is what 1A would have essentially done) would have been a severe economic blow to the low income population of this state. Those are the people that liberals are supposed to be for. It also would have been a victory for Schwarzenegger, whom liberals are supposed to be against.

  2. Howard be my name Howard be my name May 20, 2009

    Liberals are supposed to be against Arnold? I thought the Repubs were the Party of No.

    I don’t believe liberals are “supposed to” be for or against anyone. We are in favor of programs and ideas that we think are good and opposed to programs and ideas we think are bad. Arnold has had some good ideas and some bad ones. I’m not against Arnold at all.

    I also disagree that liberals are “supposed to be for” low-income people. I think our job is to advocate for what’s best for society as a whole, and to be sure that low-income people are included when “society as a whole” is considered. (IMO Republicans would prefer not to consider low-income people in their equations.)

  3. Eric Cooper Eric Cooper May 20, 2009

    I could not DISAGREE more! You Blue Dog New Democrat DINOs have a nice day

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