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Time To Throw In The Towel On Pension Lawsuit

More than a year ago, then Board of Supervisor’s Chairman, “Chicken Little” Moorlach and his Mini-Me Mario Mainero convinced to Board of Supervisors to pursue the concept of suing the Orange County Retirement System to overturn the retroactive portion of Deputy Sheriff pension benefits negotiated and implemented in 2001. Even though the County paid for several legal opinions about their chances of winning telling them their position “was unlikely to prevail,” the Board chose to spend more than $1.5 million so far chasing a fairytale Rabbit down a never ending hole.

Last month, the judge in the case told the Board what their prior legal opinions told them; “your case has no merit.” On Monday, the Board will meet in “Special Closed Session”to determine what they will do, Will they appeal? Will they amend their complaint, or will they throw in the towel and hope the Deputy Sheriffs and the Retirement System don’t ask the judge to award legal fees?

Norberto Santana has a follow-up on Total Buzz that gives a bit more detail. But the bottom line is that the taxpayers of Orange County need to burst the bubble the Board Members reside in and tell them in no uncertain terms, to stop waisting our money and throw in the towel on this fools errand.

Call the Board and tell them what you think. Do it now, so it has time to sink in before their Monday meeting.

Tell the Board, the ability to sue on the taxpayer’s dime is not just another management perk they get to have. Tell them to throw in the towel on the pension lawsuit.

Call them all!

Patricia C. Bates, Board Chair
Supervisor Fifth District
Phone: 714.834.3550

Janet Nguyen, Vice Chair
Supervisor First District
Phone: 714.834.3110

John M.W. Moorlach,
Supervisor Second District
Phone: 714.834.3220

Bill Campbell,
Supervisor Third District
Phone: 714.834.3330

Chris Norby,
Supervisor Fourth District
Phone: 714.834.3440

One Comment

  1. RHackett RHackett March 28, 2009

    Two words.

    Billable hours.

    One can be assured the County’s law firm will recommend an appeal.

    They aren’t going to let a cow get away that has milk left.

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