Beth Krom’s Kick Off Event a Successs

Beth Krom for CongressThis afternoon Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez introduced Irvine Councilwoman Beth Krom to kick off her campaign to represent the 48th Congressional District. Krom told the 300 assembled guests that in the four years she served as Mayor of Irvine that Congressman John Campbell never once took the time to congratulate the city on their recognition as one of safest cities in the nation.

beth-krom-kickoffKrom pointed out that John Campbell is not in touch with the rich diversity of communities that he represents from the 48th Congressional District. “John Campbel doesn’t care about the needs of this district,” Krom said. “When we needed support for projects in Newport Beach and Irvine, Campbell couldn’t be bothered. We had to rely on Congresswoman Sanchez to get the needed funding.” 

Krom, who is running in a district that has been dominated for decdes by Republicans, told the audience “this race is not about partisianship, it’s about leadership. Leadership that I will bring for you in Congress.”

krom2According to Krom, fundraising for her campaign is moving at a good pace and that she xpects to raise a million dollars by the end of 2009. “Republicans are taking notice of this campaign, in a district where they have historically ignored their democratic opposition,” Krom told the crowd.

Her campaign began just a few weeks ago and already her website has had over 20,000 visits. Krom urged supporters to help her identify people from every city in the district to contribute to her campaign in its first month. The first quarterly campaign finance marker is March 31, 2009.

“Together, we will send Mrs, Krom to Washington.” Krom concluded

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  1. I wished I could have stayed at this event a tad longer. Nice to see such a big and enthusiastic crowd. The line to get through the guard booth at the gate took 30 minutes and I had to park a half mile down the street.

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