Irvine’s Beth Krom expected to run for Congress

It’s not official yet, but Irvine City Council member Beth Krom is putting the pieces in place for a run for Congress in 2010 in CD-48. 

As a city council member and as a former Mayor, Krom has a lot going her way.  She’s also proven she can raise enough money to launch a solid campaign. She has a strong track record of accomplishments since winning her first bid foir office.  And, as a moderate, she can reach across the aisle to work with almost anyone. There seems to be strong support from high levels of the OC elected Democrats for a Krom candidacy.

So the Irvine 2010 election slate will have Sukhee Kang running for re-election, Larry Agran likely running for a new four year term on the city council, and Krom running for Congress.

  A more formal announcement is expected shortly