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WDYT: What’s the State of the State?

Later today, Arnold the Governator will be giving his “State of the State” address. It’s expected to be mostly on the state budget crisis. As the budget crisis worsens, more & more Californians are wondering if the state will survive the latest fiscal catastrophe.

So what can we do to get out of it? Our state legislature leaders have some ideas… But will Arnold continue to veto them? I guess we’ll soon find out. Our state can’t go without a budget for too much longer, and the budget can’t be cut any further into the bone marrow of necessary spending.

So what are you thinking about the budget? What would you like to hear from Arnold? And what are you actually expecting? Can we avoid “the tax talk” for any longer?

What are your thoughts on the budget as Arnold prepares to speak to us? Chat away.