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Pres. Elect Obama’s Evolving “Gay Relations”


As it turns out, in 1996 Obama uneqivically supported gay marriage. He not only supported gay marriage,he also said “there’s was no use of the phrase “civil unions”. So it looks like you get elected to the office of the Presidency by turning your back on Gay Americans.

Readers, what do you think flip flop or not?

Gay readers, political traitor/coward or not?


  1. Chris Chris January 15, 2009

    I prefer to take the realistic view that Obama never would have been elected had he come out publicly in support of gay marriage. It’s as simple as that. Personally, I don’t think he cares whether men marry men or women marry women. I reached that conclusion when his wife was interviewed and she stated that, early in their relationship, he didn’t think that they needed to get married, and that she was the one who pushed it. He is a realist who knows that there are still a lot of bigots out there who can’t see past their own prejudices; who would have voted for McCain or not at all over this one issue and the country be damned. The prospect of a McCain-Palin administration is to me more frightening than having to wait a few years for the majority of society to come around.

    And as unfortunate as Prop 8 (which Obama did not support) was, we can be thankful that it had a galvanizing effect on our community, albeit a little too late. We awoke from our slumber to learn that the Anita Bryants and the Rick Santorums remain among us, and that we are going to have to take the reigns if we ever want to see our relationships bestowed with equal respect under the law.

    But like the Howard Jones song says, “Don’t try to live your life in one day.” Social change takes place in baby steps. The method is to be persistent but patient.

  2. Jennifer Jennifer January 16, 2009

    So obama used to be for same sex marriage and now he isn’t. What an asshole. It would be one thing if it was the other way around. People should only get more educated and more open minded. To me it sounds like he is going backward in society and his opinions. Sounds like he is a political trader to me.

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