Church, State, and Tagged Campaign Signs

What is it about Republicans and separation of church and state?

Garden Grove Campaign Signs at Bao Quang Temple, 713 Newhope

Trung Nguyen Sign Graffiti
Poor Trung Nguyen; just like Tan Nguyen, taggers love his signs.


  1. Travis,

    I believe that California law probibits churches from promoting individual candidates for elective office. The prominent placement of signs on their private property indicates an endorsement and promotion of an individual candidate.

  2. I think it is a federal IRS rule, not a state rule. It is also an unconstitutional limitation on political free speech in my opinion. Enforcement of the law requires IRS agents to review religious sermons for possible free speech violations. Does that sound like a free country to you?

    It’s not clear to me whether or not sticking a free sign on a church lawn would even be a violation of this law, because the law has more to do with campaign financing than speech itself.

  3. Travis,
    Would you be ok with a church promoting same sex marriages? How about a church that preaches environmental conservation? Im talking about the new trend of green chruches? How about churches and church groups that fight against wal mart/ Like CLUE in Garden Grove? How do you feel about their expression of free speech?

  4. The bottom line is this shows how unscrupulous some candidates can be…as in Mr. Trung Nguyen. It also is quite astonishing that Trung can’t simply replace his tagged signs. If he were’nt illegally placing more than 1 sign at residences this would be no problem. Why blight you’re own neighborhood with grafitti Trung. Trung, why did you give up against Janet anyways. Team Tran putting Dina in as a substitute certainly exposed team Trans weakest link..Dina. Team Tran already has lost respect with the “getting together of team members Dina and Andy. Speaking of Dina lets let it be known that Van Tran feeding her what to say at the counil meetings via text messages aint right either. Does Van Tran do all the talking for all his team members. Van, you are training useless horses. Donkeys more like it. Eventually backing incompetents will tarnish your legacy. If you’ll never give up this ethnic takeover at least get us better than special interest Andy, sue happy Trung and who’s next Dina.

  5. Travis,
    Your world is not that far away. I have personally seen video of several mega church pastors slipping in veiled endorsements of G W Bush and his policies.

    Rick Warren the only mega church pastor I know who hasn’t overtly slandered progressive policies, candidates and elected officials. However, he did insert the church into the political process with his recent candidate forum.

    Now I am not taking a shot at Pastor Warren. I was a member of his church when it was sin a store front down in Lake Forest which at the time was still called El Toro. And I recently attended a candidate forum at the Garden Grove United Methodist Church.

    But I fell a little bit uncomfortable with churches holding candidate forums. In the case of the United Methodist Church n garden Grove, it was organized by a coalition of Churches and lay pastors of all Christian centered faiths, called OCCCO that I have had a good working relationship with as a member of CLUE in the fight against Wal Mart. So I knew before hand that there would be no overt slant towards fundamentalism or any sort of partisanship.

    The type of churches you would like to see are in existence. A whole lot of them are in Texas. You should move there.

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