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Making Change Happen, One House Race at a Time

(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama, PartyBuilder, & MyDD)

Federal Elections CommissionWow! Just wow. I’ve been perusing the FEC filings for the 2nd Quarter today. And you know what?

Democrats rock… Especially our terrific candidates here in California!

I am simply stunned by how well Democrats are doing… And conversely, how poorly these GOP incumbents are doing! It really proves that we have an “enthusiasm gap” in our favor.

When we have Democrats like Debbie Cook, Nick Leibham, and Charlie Brown outraising their opponents in races that are supposed to be “solidly Republican”, we know the GOP is in deep trouble.

When we have GOP incumbents like Dana Rohrabcher & Brian Bilbray who can’t muster up enough support in their own districts, we know we have a real opportunity to make real change happen. When we have this much grassroots support in our communities for our supposedly “longshot” Democratic candidates, we know change is a’comin’!

So let’s celebrate! Oh yes, and let’s donate to these great candidates and make sure the momentum stays strong! Barack Obama & the Democratic party are following the 50-state strategy, and this is the fruit of their efforts & our labor.

Let’s keep making change happen… 😉