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Shea and Choi to Appeal Ruling on Legal Fees for Great Park CEO Search Lawsuit

After winning the lawsuit against the Great Park Board for access to all of the resumes, letters and emails regardig the search for a new Great Park CEO, Irvine City Council members and Great Park Board members Christina Shea and Steven Choi lost a ruling for reimbursement of legal fees for the suit in which they put up their own money.

Of course, they will appeal so that taxpayers will pay for the cost of their suit which wasted funds allocated to a recruiting firm to handle the search. And if that wasn’t enough wasted money, we (the public) still haven’t heard a peep about the candidates Shea and Choi preferred for the Park. 

Shea continues to falsely claim that Larry Agran’s best friend was offered the job when, in the real world, it was the highly qualified brother of a former Agran aide who died 20 years earlier and someone Agran has had little contact with.

But you can be sure the Park’s greatest critics will be at the July 12 opening at Hangar 10 for the Great Park open house.


  1. Todd Gallinger Todd Gallinger July 3, 2008

    Dan –

    A correction, they did not win the lawsuit, the city settled in order to avoid additional legal fees in this economic downturn. It’s a shame that Shea & Choi are going to waste more city money and time on this. Here they are whining about free balloon rides for the public, but they get free lawsuits?

    I would be really interested in seeing their legal bills. Unless they paid their attorney’s full & regular price, they received a gift which would need to be reported.

  2. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | July 3, 2008

    Todd — agreed, but a settlement and access to the applications was the same thing as a win. I’d like to know how much the recruiter was paid only to have their efforts squandered. It’s clear that neither of these chuckleheads has ever been involved in a C-level search so their lawsuit is costly from two ends — the fees to the recruiter and the legal fees, if they are successful on appeal.

    I find it funny they whine about the balloon rides, when you know they’ll both be there passing out campaign lit and posing for photos on July 12. Freaking hypocrites.

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