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WallE World Premiere

The new Disney/Pixar flick “WallE” debuts this Friday, but on Saturday night, I was able to attend the world premiere at the Greek Theater in Hollywood with my wife and kids.  A review will come Friday, but the movie has a powerful message and has the greatest sense of humanity than any other Pixar film to date, considering the humanity comes from machines. 

From our halfway decent seats, we spied Pixar genuis John Lassiter, Disney chief Bob Iger, Marlee Matlin, Matthew Perry, Kristi Yamaguchi, Judy Tenuta sat behind us,  Estelle Harris (George’s mother on Seinfeld and the voice of Mrs. PotatoHead in Toy Story 2) was three rows in front of us, director/writer/actor Kevin Smith sat in the third row with his wife and daughter (but no Jay along with Silent Bob).  Actor Brad Garrett sat five seats ot my right with his family.

And in the middle of all this, I was trading emails with Matt Cunningham.

The Disney/Pixar folks had an impressive demonstration of the Mars rovers staffed by JPL experts.  So there was lots to do before we took our seats.

More on the message of WallE later; but its been 24 hours since I’ve seen the movie and I’m still thinking about it.