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Still waiting to hear back from CEO Mauk

Yesterday afternoon I submitted the following inquiry to the Orange County CEO Tom Mauk through the County Media/Community Relations department.

I would like to know if there is any addtional comment from CEO Mauk regarding the matter of Mr. Bustamante’s “joke” on Tuesday. It is clear the Mr. Bustamante was NOT at the Hall of Administration as a private citizen but as a senior executive with OC Parks attending the budget hearings.

The statement made by Bustamante has been publicly confirmed as to its accuracy and attributed to Mr. Bustamante. The joke also is contrary to county EEO policy as well as management and board directives.  Is Mr. Bustamante’s joke reflective of the position of the County Executive Office regarding the appointment of women to management positions and in particular the appointment of Sandra Hutchens as OC Sheriff?

Thank you for your prompt response.

I’m sure the Mr. Mauk is busy with other stuff today because of the Board meeting and all. Maybe I’ll here from him by tomorrow?

I also have to wonder if Bustamante will even admit to his comments and apologize for them? Of course, that would require an elected Republican to admit to making a mistake.

Maybe I should ask Carlos if it would help me get an answer if I got some implants, or a water bra?.