CA-42: Auto Workers Endorse Ed Chau for Congress

This just in from the Ed Chau for Congress campaign! Ed Chau just got another fantastic endorsement. Take a look at this new and exciting development happening now in the 42nd District. 🙂

*UAW Region 5 Endorses Ed Chau for U.S. Congress *

*Union Represents Over 600,000 Americans*

ROWLAND HEIGHTS, California- The Ed Chau for U.S. Congress campaign proudly announces its endorsement by the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW Region 5).

Since 1935, the United Auto Workers has used collective bargaining to invent the first employer-paid health insurance plan for industrial workers
and the first cost-of-living allowances. UAW-represented workplaces include large and small corporations, government entities, and colleges, universities, hospitals and private organizations across the nation, and all around the 42nd Congressional District.

In their letter of endoresment, Jim Wells, Director, and Pat Caccamo, International CAP Representative of UAW Region 5, said, “We wish you the best of luck in your campaign and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

Ed Chau sought the endorsement of the UAW because, according to
Chau, the UAW has been on the correct side of every major civil rights battle. Plus, when you come to any bargaining table with the support of the UAW, your issues will be heard. Thats exactly the message I’m hoping to bring to Washington, D.C.: fighting for the things you believe in backed up by political and social strength to effect positive social change.

*Ed Chau is a highly qualified Democratic candidate for Congress who will fight for ethics and integrity in the U.S. Congress. For more information, please visit his web site at


  1. It’s a good thing Ed uses union stamped literature…Not like Ron floated at the OCYD meeting last night…

  2. Really? That is disappointing. I would like to hear why Ron doesn’t use union for his literature.

  3. I think it is great that Ed is rounding up all of the labor support. He has my vote in the primary and hopefully November!

  4. Do you really think anyone doesn’t see through this? You’ve got to do better than this against Republicans. You’re embarrassing us. You’re making me cringe like a bad speech.

    No union in the world would expect us to throw away our printers and use them for everything.

  5. Is this a real liberal site or a front for just a few select people?

    I though the coverage was biased toward Chau to start with. Now I see this trumpeted up argument. I am volunteering for Ron and I personally know where the stuff I am working on comes from, the printer/fax/copier on my desk. Anyone care to donate some ink cartridges?

  6. So, OC Watcher & anonymous,
    Let me get this straight. A flier is printed in-house on a laser printer, someone forgets to put “printed in-house” on the bottom, and you’re going to try to make that into a union printer issue?

    OH PLEASE. There’s a big difference between a sheet of copy paper and a glossy mailer, and most of us can tell the difference.

    I understand that Ron has been a union member in the past. Do you really think he’d snub the unions?

    and anonymous, if you want to vote for someone who doesn’t even live in the district, instead of someone who’s lived in the district for YEARS, then you get what you deserve, someone who has no connection to you. Oops, sorry I forgot, you’re working for Ed, right?

  7. Hey Everybody,

    Thanks for the heads up Ron, sorry about the miss. I looked at the leftover literature from the OCYD event and that batch of lit. didn’t have the “Printed in house with volunteer labor” footer. My mistake.

  8. Linda-

    I’m sorry if you find the coverage here “biased”. We’re working our hardest to ensure that BOTH candidates are heard on this blog.

    Early on, we were accused of being “biased for Shepston”. But when Ed Chau’s campaign began to make news, we reported it. Now, we’re accused of being “biased for Chau”. But when Ron Shepston makes news, we report it. I suggest you give us a chance to keep up with what’s happening… And stay tuned when we report new developments from the Shepston campaign. 🙂

    OC Watcher et al-

    Calm down, already. Erik apologized for forgetting to let us know that the materials were printed in-house. I’m sure the Shepston campaign wouldn’t do ANYTHING “anti-union”, so don’t overinflate the small mistake made on Thursday.


    Thanks for the apology. You’re representing your campaign well. 🙂

  9. I didn’t see the literature. All I asked is if it was true and what was Ron’s side of the story. I don’t see how that would make Ron, “cringe like a bad speech.” 1youngDem asked about it. I asked if it was true. Somehow Shepston and his supporters think this is an underhanded attack. Let’s not attack people just because they ask a simple question. Just respond, ignore or debate, but stay away from childish attacks, it makes you look foolish. Now we know they were printed at home. Was giving that information that difficult. Hopefully your campaign signs have the union bug on the bottom.

    As to Linda’s thought that this site is biased towards Ed. There wasn’t any stories on this blog about Ed until April 12 with the following story. If anything this blog is more balanced now. It included Andrew Davey stating this, “OK, OK, I get it now! We haven’t so far heard the whole story of the 42nd Congressional District. For all of you who have wanted to hear more about Ed Chau, our great Democrat running for Congress here, now’s your chance. Listen up!”

    It appears that this blog writes about each candidate when there is a press release. Maybe the candidate you support needs to put out more of them.

  10. OC Watcher-

    Thanks. I’m trying to be as balanced as I can in reporting what’s happening in the 42nd. Hey, I have friends working on both campaigns… But I also have a responsibility to all of you here in our community to let you know about all the fantastic Democrats running everywhere.

    And btw, don’t even try guessing who I support in the 42nd… 😉

  11. “Do you really think anyone doesn’t see through this? You’ve got to do better than this against Republicans. You’re embarrassing us. You’re making me cringe like a bad speech.”

    Wow, Ron, you need to chill out. Rants like that make me less inclined to put you in Congress with the power to declare war and tax us.

    Although it would spice up CSPAN.

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