Be a Part of California’s “Summer of Change”

This just in from the CA Democratic Party. This is something you may be interested in. Hey, you may even see your work on TV! 😉

California’s budget crisis is worsening every day, and the Republicans refuse to make their rich friends pay their fair share. Our state budget shortfall this year is at $8 billion and growing.

But the Republicans would rather slash the vital services we all need than compromise on the budget. They refuse to close tax loopholes for oil companies and yacht owners. Instead, they think it’s a good idea for more and more regular Californians to pay the heavy price. And we will all pay — in teacher layoffs, closed state parks and beaches, tuition increases, and downsized hospitals.

Californians need to speak up.

That’s why we’ve extended the deadline for our Summer of Change video contest. We want to make sure your voice is heard this summer in Sacramento. You now have until May 18, 2008, to submit your video.

The budget crisis is deepening. In the next few weeks, Gov. Schwarzenegger is expected to submit a revised budget with billions more in proposed cuts. We need to tell him that enough is enough. We need to tell him that it’s just not acceptable to balance our budget on the backs of our kids, seniors and veterans. We need to change the script this summer.

So tell us what you think. This is your chance to step up and be heard.

You still have time to enter our Summer of Change video contest. Shoot a 30-second video with your message about what’s at stake in this year’s budget fight. Submit it here by May 18, 2008, and your video could be aired on television.

So do you want to send a message to the GOP… And see it on TV? Submit your ad. You may be surprised. 🙂