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Orange County Workers Fight Back!

OCEA Seeks Legal Relief For Its Members

We received this memo from Nick Berardino regarding the Register’s attempt to attack the privacy of county workers.  Regular updates on the situation can be found at

On Friday the County notified OCEA that it refused to negotiate the effects that releasing employee names and salaries will have on its employees. We were stunned at the County’s refusal to come to the negotiating table to meet and confer with us about how the County will protect its employees from a variety of serious consequences which may result after the names and salaries are released.

Therefore we have notified the County today that we are seeking a legal remedy to force it to come to the bargaining table and will file an action to restrain the County from releasing the names and salaries until it has met its obligation to meet and confer under the law.

Without getting too technical the matter may be heard at the California Public Employee Relations Board prior to the Superior Court. However regardless of the appropriate legal venue we will be seeking injunctive relief.

—-In Solidarity  Nick Berardino