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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

There is an extraordinary Total Buzz post from Marty Wisckol that ran yesterday featuring an interview with GOP leader Mike Schroeder regarding the outcome of the failed Debbie Cook lawsuit.

Marty referred to criticism of Schroeder but other Republicans and Mike seemed to lose it.

see what Marty wrote after the flip:

And it’s not just anonymous Republicans speaking out. OC GOP Treasurer Mark Bucher last year criticized Schroeder and others for ganging up on Nguyen (”Their goal is to damage her politically and financially … It is an ugly use of our justice system by two prominent Republicans.” – Red County magazine) And he’s criticized the Cook lawsuit. (”Assuming Cook prevails … Cook will score the first win of this election and gain the aura of being a giant slayer. Not every fight is worth fighting. This one is a mistake.” – Red County blog.)

I asked Schroeder about these comments, including the general sentiment among some that his lawsuits are a frivolous form of harrassment. He preferred to specifically address Bucher’s criticism, and began by attacking Bucher himself.

Bucher had written that if Cook lost the lawsuit, “she will have gained stature simply because of the battle. The perception in the mind of the average voter will be that the Republican Party and Congressman Rohrabacher are bullies.”

Schroeder acted as though he couldn’t believe his ears.

“I find it absolutely wrong for a Republican Party officer to refer to a Republican sitting member of Congress as being a bully during a contested election,” Schroeder said. “He should resign” as treasurer of the county GOP.

Cold shower time Mike. I wonder if Janet Nguyen would agree with your assessment and suggest that you resign your CRA spot. Perhaps Assemblyman Van Tran and Garden Grove school board member Trung Nguyen should join you in resigning Party positions as well. After all, you are violating Reagan’s 11th commandment here.

Better still. Admit the several mistakes you made in filing this lawsuit. Perhaps Rep. Dana Rohrabacher ought to publicly admonish you for how bad you’re making him look (not that Dana needs any help), unless of course the Congressman was fully onboard with the strategy.

What I’m struck by is the statement that you are unfamiliar with the Mayor designation assigned to Jeff Miller and Neil Blais; it was widely reported that they gained their titles the same way Debbie gained hers. And even if you truly didn’t know, I have a hard time believing yoru wife was unaware of it from her perch in the DA’s press office. You too need to talk more during dinner. She could have saved you thousands of dollars.