What Do YOU Think About Fullerton’s Policy on Medical Marijuana?

… [L]ongtime resident Pat Shuff said, “If they build it, they will come – from all over.”

Last night in a 4-1 decision, the Fullerton City Council overturned a previous decision to consider allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in town. Now, Fullerton has followed the lead of several other OC cities in voting to ban these dispensaries. After listening to numerous medical marijuana advocates and detractors, this decision was made.

So was this the right decision? Would medical marijuana dispensaries have caused more crime in Fullerton? Would these facilities have lowered property values and destroyed Fullerton’s community? And would these have brought “unsavory characters” into town?

Or was this wrong to do? Is Fullerton just another OC city that’s denying sick patients a chance to obtain their medicine? Will this make it more difficult for terminally ill people to get the pot they need to simply survive? Is this impeding upon people’s rights to access the health care they need?

What do you think about Fullerton’s decision on medical marijuana? It doesn’t seem like an easy decision, but was it the right one? Will this move help keep Fullerton residents safe? Or does this prevent certain residents from accessing their needed medical care?

I want to hear what you have to say about Fullerton’s decision on medical marijuana. Do you agree with the four council members voting to ban dispensaries? If so, why? If not, why? Go ahead and have your say.


  1. Would medical marijuana dispensaries have caused more crime in Fullerton? Hahaha. No. That’s funny though.

    Would these facilities have lowered property values and destroyed Fullerton’s community? Again, Hahaha. No. That’s really is funny though.

    And would these have brought “unsavory characters” into town? Again I say Hahaha. No. Those damn sick people are indeed unsavory. Icky icky poo.

  2. we voted on this issue remember? just goes to show that our vote in many cases means nothing and what kind of a-holes deny sick people from getting treatment that might make their lives easier. i wonder if they watched reefer madness and based their decision on that.

  3. Jon-

    Ha! Good one!

    Anon 11:03-

    Shawn Nelson and Mayor Sharon Quirk originally favored medical marijuana dispensaries, but they reversed their votes last night. Pam Keller, as another commenter mentioned, remained in favor.

    jose s-

    I feel your pain! To be honest with you, I’m personally saddened today by this. These people who use medical marijuana are sick, are in need of help, and are being denied that help by far too many cities here in OC that refuse to allow dispensaries. So where can these patients find the medicine they need? I still haven’t found an answer to that. Prop 215 and SB 420 require that these patients be allowed access… So where can they get their medicine if no dispensaries are anywhere nearby?

  4. I think that the voters of California, amongst other states, have already made a decision on this ordeal. Prop 215? I do not understand what the big deal with Marijuana is anyways…It does not cause as much harm as most “legal” or “legal but regulated” drugs, it has so many uses including producing oxygen for our air…which La has some of the worst air quality in the country…hmmm

    I never understood how marijuana could be outlawed like it is…

    I just recently aquired my license for medical use, not that I needed it, because Marijuana is easier to get than most perscription drugs available….i just wanted to not be persecuted for medicating myself.

    So if you shut down legal dispensorarys, people will still smoke weed, however, whats going to happen is they will go back to the streets for there medicine and/or personal use….feeding non taxable money back into the “drug dealers” pockets, It will not solve anything to ban dispensorys, but it will hurt the people who choose to legally use it……

    So Dispensorys are more offensive to people then lets say…mmm everyday television…..spa/massage parlors….factorys spewing toxic fumes….more offensive than reclamated water plants…(I doubt it), highways….resturaunts venting there food to the sidewalks????

    Lets just ban everything and live in a total communistic community….were FREE PEOPLE!!!, We have democracy…WE VOTED,…WE WON….

    all you nit picking people need to stop nit picking an find somthing wholesome with your lives to bicker about!!!!!!

    If you dont like the sun…what do you do…Ban the United States From the Sun….NO!!!! you wear sunblock or go out at night!!!! Yes the sun causes cancer…Yes the sun can make you very ill and burn you!!! Do we sit every day and complain about it….NO….

    This goes in all walks of life…..

    my .02 cents

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