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Money makes politics go round; politics go round…

We’ve got a few more primaries left and Senator Obama looks to shine in those contests.  A promising sign of his growing momentum is the money raised by January 31st compared to Hillary Clinton‘s campaign.  Some Clinton staffers are forgoing pay in order to help slow the hemorrhage of funds. The following New York Times story has more detail.

Obama Outshines Clinton’s Success at Raising Funds

The New Yourk Times
Published: February 8, 2008

Concerned that it could lose several primaries and caucuses through the rest of February, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign sought to create an alternate storyline of success on Thursday by announcing that Mrs. Clinton had raised $7.5 million online so far this month.

That unusually high figure was quickly overshadowed by Senator Barack Obama’s announcement that he had raised the same amount in 36 hours since the 22-state contest on Tuesday, in addition to the $32 million that he raised in January.

Mrs. Clinton drew $13.5 million in January. Read More.


  1. Andrew Davey Andrew Davey February 8, 2008

    Not so fast, Chris. Try reading your story, as well as this…;jsessionid=F14E5CEAF8CB1F9DD262F46B56BCBEFC?diaryId=3740

    I keep trying to remind you this: DON’T COUNT HILLARY OUT. January was last month. But now- since February 5- Hillary has matched Obama’s fundraising. And now, what’s even MORE amazing about that is that she’s simply doing it with her pool of some 45,000 new donors while Obama’s using the John Kerry list, the Ted Kennedy list, and the MoveOn list to get to his total. But that’s OK, keep thinking that “Hillary’s tanking”… And you’ll learn the hard way. 😉

  2. Bill Spaulding Bill Spaulding February 8, 2008

    Oh Andrew, using lists from supporters and endorsers is nothing new. You know that; you don’t need me to point it out. Are you to have us believe that Clinton’s 45,000 new donors simply materialized from thin air? You mean they don’t also appear on Cantwell’s or Murray’s lists? I know for a fact that Clinton is using Wes Clark’s list. And she’s been mining Emily’s list for months. So why the condemning tone?

  3. Melanie Melanie February 8, 2008

    Why wouldn’t Obama have an easier time raising money? His strongest supporters are upper middle class americans and elite college kids with loads of dispensible income. Hillary’s strongest supporters are the lunch box crowd, and single women. It’s amazing the money she’s raised in the last couple of days. Now that’s a movement.

  4. Mike Meyer Mike Meyer February 8, 2008

    Senator Clinton’s partisans are the working poor of the country who perceive in her an opportunity to better their lives. Their annual income averages $15K a year. When we talk about Democrats, we are talking about the needs of voiceless people. Drown them in dollars, and we will drown you back in their votes.

  5. campskunk campskunk February 8, 2008

  6. campskunk campskunk February 8, 2008

    CA exit poll numbers:

    200k Hillary 50 obama 46

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