Frederick of Hollywood Out; Rush Limbaugh Not Sure He’ll Support the Republican Nominee

Former Senator Fred Thompson did the sensible thing and pulled out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination.  This after many voters concluded that Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s wife scored higher in likeability than Thompson’s wife.  The news gives me a chance to post photos of both women and their candidate husbands.  No word on if they woke up the Law and Order actor to make the announcement or if he just talks in his sleep.


 More after the flip:

How discouraging for Thompson supporter State Rep. Chuck DeVore, who posted numerous blog items on how Reagan-y Thompson was.  Chuck quoted Rush Limbaugh as stating Thompson was the most consistant conservative in the race.  Which is a nice segueway for Rush’s comments on the air today (HT LA Times):

I can see possibly not supporting a Republican nominee…And I never thought that I would say that in my life 

– Rush Limbaugh, on his displeasure with the current field of Republican presidential candidates