The Falun Gong Show

The Times and Total Buzz are both reporting that the County of Orange has received a letter from the Consulate General of China asking us not to recognize any events backed by Falun Gong supporters. Supe Chair Norby is steaming.

While I haven’t spent months studying it, I have somewhat mixed feelings about China’s attitude toward Falun Gong. At first glance Falun Gong certainly seems innocuous enough — a little New-Agey, perhaps, though hardly the “dangerous cult” the Chinese government has branded it. But how can those of us who’ve never even visited China know its effect on that society? The German government has taken a stance against the Church of Scientology, refusing to give it religious status in their country, and few Americans have objected to that action.

What concerns me more is whether US government officials like Supervisor Norby will be able, in the long run, to continue to object to requests such as this from China. The more of our debt they own, the more they can call the shots in our country. I don’t believe Falun Gong activities in Orange County are high on the Chinese government’s list of concerns, but I think there will come a day when the Chinese will use our debts with them against us.


  1. Your comparison of China to Germany in this regard is very apt. While the Falun Gong presents itself as a harmless “meditation group” in the West, the Chinese people know that it is a cultish organization whose leader, Li Hongzhi, makes fraudulent claims of supernatural powers and healing. The Falun Gong was banned in China in 1999 after massive demonstrations were staged by the group at various media sites. They demanded that media outlets retract criticism of their teachings and fire it’s employees who gave critical reports. To Americans these kinds of massive protests are part of the exercise of free speech. But to the Chinese, the Falun Gong is a socially disruptive group.

    Li Hongzhi claims to directly heal the illnesses of his disciples, to know what they are thinking and doing 24/7, and to be the sole provider of salvation for mankind during this period of “Fa Rectification”…a kind of Falun Gong doomsday. Li’s teachings are extremely homophobic (worse than Fallwell) and also racist. No one ever takes a critical look at the FG because they are so successful in their media campaign to discredit the CCP. No one seems to realize that just because the CCP calls the Falun Gong a dangerous cult doesn’t mean that they aren’t a dangerous cult.

    If you’re interested in a short but interesting read about the Untold Story of Falung Gong, check out the website of Samuel Luo who’s parents are Falun Gong practitioners here in SF:

    Tom Brown

  2. Hey gila,
    cool info.. I agree with you that falun gong is a dangerous cult… but chinese government has to follow non – violence… but its really unworthy to accuse millions of innocent people… my deep condolences to the accused people.. I hope all kindhearted people of the world will help us to free
    Danielle father from the Chinese prison by signing the petition at

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