Greenhut Right on Ackerman

Jabbering Jabba (Steven) the Greenhut got one right Tuesday. Nice to see him calling Jubal (Matt Cunningham) on his s#&t.  Thanks for spreading the love Steven.

Ackerman as conservative hero is a bit of a stretch

From Steven Greenhut:

Jubal at OCBlog has written an ode to Senate Majority Leader Dick Ackerman, arguing that it is ”pride-inspiring for this conservative to watch a Sen. Ackerman and a determined Senate Republican Caucus standing firm for a balanced budget.” Now, I’m happy enough watching this motley crew of Republicans stand up for some semblance of principle, but there really isn’t much principle at stake here. Big-government Republicans are playing this annual game mainly because the budget negotiations are one of the few times they have any relevance. Read More.


  1. Greenhut is right on!

    Arnold has already publicly pledged and the Dem leadership is in accord that Arnold would blue line the final budget into balance. Arnold has put himself on the line, the holdouts are fighting for nothing!

    To save face? The OC Delegation doesn’t even like each other, when was the last time you saw them lining up to support Harman?

  2. Just…asking:

    Didn’t Arnold make a solemn pledge to the CTA on school spending, and then break it? (one of the reasons they spent millions to clean his clock in 2005).

    You might forgive the Senate GOP for being skeptical of the value of a Schwarzenegger promise, especially since he won’t put it in writing or specify the cuts he’ll make.

  3. While I don’t blame Senator Maldonado for taking the position he did based on his district and the opportunity that was given to him, I must agree that anyone who truly believes that the Governor will actually blue item veto the cuts that he promised is smoking something.

    Think about it this way:

    It would be precedent setting for the Governor NOT to break his promise.

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