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For someone who trashes the MSM so much…..

Jon Fleischman seems thrilled to have a newspaper story written about him….

*FlashReport Profiled in San Jose Paper – Online today, should run in print soon…*

San Jose Mercury News – GOP activist’s blog bolsters budget holdouts

On Sunday, the Contra Costa Times ran a profile piece on the FR and our publisher, Jon Fleischman. That same story, with some small modifications, is available online on the Merc, but is NOT (apparently) in the paper today (??).

SJMerc: Profile – Jon Fleischman

And Congrats on the new baby, per the profile.  Just remember, the first time the kid pees on you, it’s not an accident.. its foreshadowing.

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  1. larry gilbert larry gilbert August 15, 2007

    Regardless of this article’s spin about Jon Fleischman, the CRP does not have a Godfather. In fact Jon is not even from Sicily or Chicago.
    While many Republicans read the Flash Report for news and opinions we also reference many other sources to keep informed.

    When I served as a unit president of the California Republican Assembly Jon was the CRP president. He was an effective leader of the grass roots and an effective communicator. While I can agree that Jon is highly regarded around the state to post that he is a kingmaker is somewhat off base. It must have been a slow news day.

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